Monday, March 31, 2014

Return to Blogging!!

Hello Everyone!  We are Returning to our Blog!

It’s been a long (ahem) summer (feels closer to 3 years), and a lot has gone on with us. We always knew we’d return to blogging some day, but the time was never right. Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry’s emails and our friends on Facebook, we've kept current with most of the CB’s happenings, some of which are heartbreaking.

As far as our happenings, here they are in a nutshell:

-I worked and worked and worked until I got laid-off last year (which wasn’t a bad thing).

-Yukon had 4 urinary blockages and ultimately PU Surgery [perineal urethrostomy]. It was a scary time, but now he is doing great!

-We bought a house and moved (not too far from where we were).

-We lost our eldest boy BJ to abdominal cancer.

-We lost our German Shepherd Stanze to liver cancer.

-We got married

-We got Howard, a Newfie/Aussie mix with a wonderfully calm temperament. This was greatly needed in our tightly wound terrier – shepherd household.

We are so happy to be sharing our pet’s lives with you all again and look forward to making new friends! Another post with more pictures will follow soon!

Thanks for stopping by!