Sunday, December 27, 2009

Moseley 2/5/95 to 12/26/09

Moseley (Peeper)
2/5/95 to 12/26/09

Moseley was helped to the Rainbow Bridge last night (Saturday, December 26, 2009)…right around midnight. We took him to an Emergency Vet Clinic about 45 minutes away after he experienced a seriously bad turn around dinner time.

We were expecting the end to come soon since he was tentatively diagnosed with stomach cancer back in November. On steroids the last three weeks, he rallied enough to slow his weight loss and have some wonderful quality time out of his room with everyone.

Here he is Tuesday evening with me reading.

He liked to put his paw on my chest.

Wednesday he had enough energy for a last tour of duty guarding his water supply. Don’t worry, we figured we'd spare him from another bath.

Here he is Christmas day enjoying some boxing time.

When I saw him laying like this, I thought of the picture of Callie from The Kitty Krew and knew it would be soon.

Although not a clear picture, this is his last one, on Christmas day.

Since I knew he would be leaving for the bridge soon, I featured him twice in tribute, once in A Serious Lesson and again in The Importance of Water. You can also read his introductory blog with his complicated story here.

He could be a real sweet boy and loved his people dearly, but Moseley had a conflicted life and the energy in the house will definitely be lighter without him. We put a lot of focus on him even before he was seriously ill. I was telling DP it will be a while before I’ll be able to pass by his room without automatically looking in to check on him. I hope he is finally at peace.

I’m sure his old buddy Bustopher was there to greet him at the Bridge, but instead of going over, Moseley stopped short at the banks of the river, to guard his new water supply.

So long Peeper...

Of course I wanted to post about Moseley even though I took a vacation from blogging, but my next official post will be in the New Year.
Wishing you a safe and happy New Year.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays From Cat of Nine Tales

The gang at Cat of Nine Tales hopes...

your wrappings are done...

your Christmas tree's hung...

you're waiting and watching for
Santa to come.

May your weather be fair.

Remember to share...

be sure to lick your stockings with care.

Don't over stuff

or get caught in a fluff...

Take time to reflect on having enough.

Wishing you joy and happiness during this holiday season and all year long.

Merry Christmas from
Lisa, DP, Moseley, BJ, Nick, Wizard, Penny, Angus, Yukon, Snafu and Owen and our canine side-kicks Stanze, Buzz and Cooper!

Cat of Nine Tales will be taking a break until after the holidays, but I'll be around to visit for sure.
See you... ~Lisa Co9T

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Night Fights - Yellow Boy vs Puff

Welcome to Friday Night Fights!
Yellow Boy (Owen) vs Puff (Angus)

Our opponents begin by sizing each other up. Puff takes a reclining position to show he has no fear.

Yellow Boy makes a rude gesture by sitting boldly in front of Puff, staring with ears pulled back in aggression. Oh my, how dare he?

Well! Puff expresses his insult with a raised paw while Yellow Boy, holds his ground.

Unexpectedly, Puff rolls to the side and picks up what looks like a cat nip pouch. Is he going in for a little dip? Yellow Boy is aghast! (Meanwhile the referee, BJ, arrives late to the match and misses the whole thing).

What’s this!? Suddenly, Puff strikes back, taking Yellow Boy by surprise.

Oh! Puff is up and Yellow Boy is down. What a fast and furious take down! That's it

...and Yellow Boy is left holding the bag (or pouch)! No thanks to the referee...

And now a word from our sponsor…

Wizard says, “Hannaford Brand Cheese Crackers are cheesy good and almost like the real thing! Buy some today! They’re nom, nom good!”

Later in the locker room, Puff told reporters that the rumors of Nipping were totally false and that he regularly submits clean blood tests.

You heard it here and you saw it here, folks. Puff is the clean winner…and so that ends another Friday Night Fights!
Thanks for coming and please come back again for another Friday Night Fights!
~Lisa Co9T

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Storytime - The Importance of Water

For as long as I've had him (12 of his 14 years), Moseley has guarded his water supply.

This is him in an old picture (I couldn't get it any bigger) from 2003, whapping Bustopher (the orange kitty blur) to keep him away. The water is in the small black ceramic bowl on the floor between them.

Here is Moseley a short time ago while he is having some time out of his room (read his story here to find out why he has his own room). He doesn't drink the water, he just stands guard over it.

This is Yukon's favorite watering hole so he was persistant (in his Zen way) and eventually Moseley gave in to him. It took about 15 mintues of closer and closer sitting, then...

Moseley found bigger fish to fry...

Poor guy was shivering so I took him out of the cold wet sink and placed him by the woodstove.

The next day he found the motherload (maybe he remembered his last bath in there) and planted himself on that carpet for over an hour.
I have to admit, Moseley has always been a few cards short of a full deck.
~Lisa Co9T

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Triangle Tuesday - A Cat, His Dog and Her Cat

This is Yukon laying with Stanze in her crate. This is a complicated triangle.

You see, Yukon is very fond of Stanze, and she just (kind heartedly) tolerlates him. As demonstrated above, Yukon is barely touching her because she won't allow it....generally.

Here's a delightful exception caught on video:

The problem is - Stanze is a little bit obsessed with BJ...

And thus makes the triangle...

~Lisa Co9T

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Night Fights - Foo-Foo vs Yellow Boy: The Grudge Match

Welcome to Friday Night Fights!

Our last match between Foo-Foo and Yellow Boy (replay here) ended badly. Foo-Foo declared he had a bone to pick with Yellow Boy, and they have made it happen here tonight, folks!

We are please to present to you...Foo-Foo versus Yellow Boy - The Grudge Match!

What's this? A confrontation between our opponents takes place during some blue tunnel time.

Yellow Boy is just asking for it, but Foo-Foo is reluctant to give up his tunnel.

Yellow Boy’s taunting is persistent and it finally draws Foo-Foo out.

Yes! They get down, and the match looks even.

Yellow Boy uses his famous twist as Foo-Foo tries to make the pin.

It seems to work but Foo-Foo digs in with a harsh bitey on Yellow Boy!

Oh! There’s a squeal from Yellow Boy as he tries his famously flawed hind leg maneuver.
Has he trained any harder this week to perfect this move?

Yes! I can't believe it! The move pushes Foo-Foo off for a moment, but he takes a serious posture, ready for his next bite!

Ho!! Yellow Boy siezes the opportunity to flee!

Protected by out of bounds, Foo-Foo can’t touch Yellow Boy. Is Foo-Foo angry?

But first, a word from our sponsor…

Penny says, “Boyer’s Mallo Cups have soft creamy centers and they are nom, nom good! Buy yourself a case today! Nom!”

Later in our locker room interview: “We’re best Buds!” Foo-Foo and Yellow Boy exclaim together.
“He bites, I scream and run,” says Yellow Boy. "It's all good."

“Yeah! I just chase him from the mat cause, well, cause he’s yellow!” says Foo-Foo.

What more can we say folks…except…that wraps up another Friday Night Fights! Thank you for coming, please join us again next time for Friday Night Fights!    ~Lisa Co9T