Friday, April 30, 2010

A Vote for Snafu Friday!


Today is Snafu's day of competition in Kitty Fight Club.

He's putting his best face forward for this tough fight against Andy of Sammy and Andy's Meowsville.

Here is our secret weapon:

Blam, blam! Right in the heart!!

Okay followers and friends! You know what to do!
Please follow this link to Misha's blog and VOTE FOR SNAFU!

~Lisa Co9T

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Package!

Snafu's winning prize package arrived from Nip and Bones!

If you didn't know, I entered Snafu in Baby Patches' Terrible Twos Contest which celebrated her 2nd birthday. He won the honored title of The Best of The Worst.
We are so proud.

I was cleaning the house when Stanze sounded her introoder alarm!
She's very effective and no one comes too close.

I barely saw the FedEx truck pull away and walked out the door to find a box sitting on the driveway, well out of reach.

It was even addressed to Snafu!

Put a box in the middle of the floor and it acts like a cat magnet.
Snafu has his purple calming collar on.

Wizard has his lime green collar on.

The box and paper were a hit right away!

I don't have to tell Snafu the package is for him.
Aren't they all for Snafu?

To: The "Best of the Worst"
Look at all the cool stuff!!!

Yes, Momma DP is recording all of this...

Now we're getting everyone's attention.

Oooooo...we're saving this one for a rainy day.

Even Penny has a keen interest....from her chair.

These look really interesting! Good thing there's two.

How about this neat catfishing pole, boys?
Oops! I think they've spotted the feathered mousies.

Hello? Boys?

Is this what you want? I guess so!!!!

I caught four cats with the catfishing pole!

Ah ha! I've caught all eight cats!
Can you find them all?

To the right on the ottoman is Owen and Wizard. Below them on the floor is Nick, Snafu with the feather mousie and Penny in front. To the left is BJ behind the box with one laser eye, Yukon on the floor and Angus safely in the cat tree.

For some videos of play time, check out my YouTube Channel here.

Look at this bad boy and his stash!

Thank you Baby Patches from Snafu and all the gang at Cat of Nine Tales!

~Lisa Co9T

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Snafu Friday

Our New Answering Machine Phone!

A third dunk in the water bowl did her in.
We had to buy a new one.

Owen inspects the new box.

Snafu inspects the results of his handiwork.

I thought maybe up out of the way, he'd take less notice of it. So far so good.

And yes, we moved the counter around so nothing else can fall into the water bowl.
(Moving the bowl would upset the balance of nature in our house)

I wonder what is next for the mischievous boy.

~Lisa Co9T

Thursday, April 22, 2010

We are Pleased to Introduce You To...




Betty Jane...






These were their almost, or once names.
Did you ever have another name? We'd love to know what it was.

~Lisa Co9T

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Snafu Wins!

Snafu won the Best of the Worst
at Baby Patches' Terrible Twos Contest!

The contest asked us to tell the most terrible thing our kitty did. I entered Snafu's story of when he broke the glasses from the cabinet as his worst, but also mentioned a few of his other "incidents" with links to my posts about him.

Snafu and all the gang at Cat of Nine Tales say thank you very much Baby Patches and Mom!!!

~Lisa Co9T

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Snafu Friday

The Oak Leaf Boy is Back in Business!

We haven't had snow on the ground since the end of February. That's pretty rare for Central Maine, but Snafu was quite happy to have uncovered some leaves from last fall and has been bringing them in. Here are some pictures and a quick video of him playing with his favorite toy.

It's kind of hard to see because it's so dark, but he is looking up at the leaf being dangled in front of the camera.

And there's the drop! Whap, whap!

It's so much fun! There's nothing quite like it!

It's good to nom, nom on too!

Here's a quick taste of Snafu in action....

Now you know why most of the pictures are a bit blurry!
If you can't play the video, please try it HERE.

~Lisa Co9T

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Visit to Dr Flowers

Today's adventure features Penny and Angus at the vets.

Two at a time.

A little treat helps convince them to get in the crate.
For Penny a Greenie, for Angus a mint gum wrapper.

Penny waited while Angus went first.

Angus is shy and scared, but at least he is well behaved. His weight? 13.87 lbs.

To keep him on the exam table, I tucked him inside my shirt while we waited for Dr Flowers.

Angus tires easily and starts to pant when we play group games. He also makes a wheezing sound when he breathes. Dr Flowers says all is okay and that he is just an odd duck! 

Oh! I hate this part! Tarter removal...

Penny is next.

You'll be okay, I promise.

A svelte 9.75 lbs.

Man handled! What a good girl!

Here it comes...oh, my.
A little halo of gingivitis, but not too bad.

Back in the crate she goes...without any help this time!

Angus sees Penny and wants to join her.

I don't think there is a 2nd floor, Angus.

Is there room enough for two?

Come on in, there's room in the back!

Right behind Penny...

To see Owen, Yukon and Snafu's visit last fall click here.

~Lisa Co9T