Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Kitty Ghost

We were able to capture this ghostly picture of Wizard as he was in the middle of apparating from one place to another. He is a Wizard, after all.

Okay, if you can see the feather in the upper right hand corner, you can tell he was actually leaping up for that...and missed it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Night Fights - Foo-foo vs Yellow Boy

Welcome to Friday Night Fights!

Tonight we have Foo-foo (Snafu) versus Yellow Boy (Owen).

Our two contestants are squaring off using their best posturing moves.
(Nick is refereeing to ensure a fair fight).

Foo-foo makes a quick right jab to the head.

Ho! That sets off Yellow Boy and he's going wild! He's ready for a pounce!

There IS a pounce! And they are deep into it!

There's twisting and biting...

What's this? Yellow Boy pulls away with a traditional wressler's armpit hold.
We see Foo-foo is ready for a back flip...will he do it?

No! Yellow Boy screams his trademark "ouch that hurts!" and pulls away last minute.
Foo-foo's back paw lands in pure air!

Yellow Boy backs away to think about the bitey he just received, as he is taunted by Foo-foo.
"I dare you!" We can just hear him say...

OH! Yellow Boy jab's below the belt! The referee calls a foul...

and they both walk off the mat. The match is over.
What a disappointment...

Foo-foo was later heard saying he had a bone to pick with Yellow Boy.

And now a word from our sponsor...

Angus and Nick say "Kong's Kickaroo is sporting good fun! Kick it all you want. It never kicks back! Share it with a friend - or not!"

Well folks, sometimes that's just the way it goes.
I'm sure we'll be seeing a rematch of Foo-foo and Yellow Boy in the future.
As always thanks for joining us tonight for Friday Night Fights!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Little Clarity on Reflections

Wednesday's One Word questioned "How Many?" The correct answer is four. There are four kitties in this picture. One, of course is Angus in the flesh, so to speak, then there is his reflection, that makes two. The other two are Nick and Penny sitting between the curtain and the door. You can't see them in the flesh, only their eery reflections off to Angus's left. Look for their paws in the window.

They are all looking at a chipmunk (also not shown) cleaning up birdseed off the porch.

Great News! - Island Princess Award

Last week our friend Sassy from The Kitty Krew awarded Penny this wonderful Island Princess Award!
The crown wearing lasted all of 30 seconds before her eight brothers gave her the business about it. BOYS!
(Besides I'm not savvy enough to figure out how to do that graphic)

Penny is so tickled to get this award even though she'd never stray from the island and go into the water like her brothers Snafu and Angus (she does, however, love going out into the cat enclosure when it is raining - when I let her, that is).

After extensive research (and discussion with Penny), she has decided to pass this award on to other sisters, namely:

Perfectly Parker's sister Powder - hoping this may entice her out of her Fall Funk
Brian's Home Sister Zoe - because she's been an apprentice long enough
Cory Cat Blog's Cecilia - because, well she IS calico and we are partial

Congratulations girls!

Thank you Sassy, and girls, here's hoping you can get away with wearing your crown proudly for longer than 30 seconds!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tock-tober Fest

Tocks, Tails, Toes and Musical Bowls!
It's Tock-tober Fest at Cat of Nine Tales!

Left to Right: Nick, Yukon, Snafu, Owen, Penny and Wizard's nose in the upper right.
Angus and BJ rarely care about such treats...and Moseley's in his room, he gets this good stuff all the time.

A special thank you to Wendy of Wendy's LOLSpot for featuring Cat of Nine Tales for two whole days! Wow! We feel humbly honored. We had many laughs and by the comments on her blog page, so did a lot of the CB.

I'm getting a new computer within the next day or so and hopefully I'll be able to step-up my blog creativity once I get the hang of it. Please keep coming back to visit us.

Monday, October 26, 2009

NewsFlash: We're Being Featured at Wendy's LOL Spot!!!!!

We're Being Featured at Wendy's LOL Spot!!!!!

Cat of Nine Tales is so proud to be featured at Wendy's LOL Spot Sunday and Monday.

Please check us out for some hilarious LOLs!

Thank you Wendy!

(Old) Mancat Monday

Fresh and clean right after DP gave him a bath.
He can be a handsome mancat even in his elder years being a 14 year old.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Storytime: A Visit with Doctor Flowers

A visit with Doctor Flowers

A crate is just like any other box, only these have cozy little blankets in them.

It's all fun and games...for now.

Then the doors are latched shut. Da-da-da-dum!

Snafu was perfectly happy sharing a crate, but Owen begged to differ.
DP got a third crate out, opened this crate's door and Owen walked right over top Snafu, directly into the other crate.
Three cats in three crates. Simple as pie! Off we go!

Here already? It's only fifteen minutes away. Crates are fun, but moving vehicles...not so much.
All three kitties cried the entire time. It broke my heart for ten full minutes, then I finally got over it.

At Home Veterinary Care.
They make house calls in a big roving medical van with paw prints on it. It's mostly for farms.

We also brought two doggies, but hey, I'm a cat lady so I only took pictures of the cats. They wait patiently (and quietly now that they're not moving), while the dogs have their turn.

Yukon goes first.
"Wow! He's a beefcake!" was Dr Flowers remark when picking Yukon up and putting him on the scale.

Yikes! More than last year, but we changed to Science Diet weight control, so we think he is actually less now then he was a couple months ago. Really.

Hey it!
Dr Flowers checks his hoo-hoo, but luckily Yukon does not have any poo problems like a lot of tail-less kitties.

Teeth are checked - Dr Flowers says his breath isn't really bad and his teeth look good now. We've also added Friskies Dental Diet to the mix. Of course some kitties just pick out the Dental Diet and leave the Science Diet on the floor.

Zen Master Yukon's final thoughts?
It's all good, Dude! No worries, Man!
After we put him back in his crate, he meowed his protest throughout the rest of the visit.

Owen's turn! His weight was pushing it, at 11.3 pounds.

He had a "halo of gingivitis" around one tooth, but otherwise his exam went so well, I forgot to take more pictures. No poo issues either...good eyes and ears.

Then there's Snafu. Remember why we named him that?
Well, at least his weight was perfect at 8.4 pounds and his teeth "are beautiful!"

It was suggested we put him on Lyscene to boost his immune system, since he still catches everything the cat drags in. (ha)

He has scarring in his right ear from a bad ear infection last winter. He likely has only 70% hearing in it. His other ear had some wax build up they cleaned out for free.

Snafu was fine with all the poking and proding and just loves the attention of four humans fussing over him.

Owen looks triumphant that everyone returned home with good health!
Angus hissed at weird smelling Owen as he came out of his crate.

We did good! Slap me five, my bruva!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night Fights - Big Boof Boys

Big Boof Boys

It all started innocently enough.

Then whoosh! Yukon puts Angus in a headlock. Look at that stance! He's holding on good.

What a bizarre move, Yukon walks on tippy toes, attempting another angle of dominence.

Oh! Yukon! Wrong move! Angus catches him off balance, and takes him down!

Angus immediately pins Yukon to the mat, as he struggles with mere bunny kicks!
It's plain to see that Angus has won this round!

And just for good measure, Angus holds Yukon in place with the humiliating paw-on-head gesture. You're brutal Angus, just brutal!

And now a word from our sponsor....

Owen says Twizzlers are nom, nom good! Buy them! Lick on them! But don't chew them up! Nom!

Thank you once again folks, for joining us in another round of Friday Night Fights at Cat of Nine Tales!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday - Then and Now

This is a popular spot for all the kitties since there are birdfeeders perched around the porch, but the other day I noticed Penny all by herself and thought, I've seen this before. So of course I grabbed my camera and ta-da!
This week's Then and Now....

Miss Penny Paw Two-Two at 5 months old.

Miss Penny at 3 years (and one month). much more time can we get out of that carpet?

I think she filled out rather nicely!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Tock Tuesday in October

Two Tock Tuesday (with one tail, but no toes) in October.
Only one Tock Tuesday left - gotta get em in while the month still lingers

A young Yukon not happy about sharing his food with Penny. He got over that, thank goodness.