Friday, October 31, 2014

A Perfect Holiday Pose!






We thought Snafu gave us the perfect Halloween Cat pose for today!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nick Up and Down

Nick giving us a big yawn and stretch in the cat enclosure. 

He sure can pose!

These are from a couple of weeks ago when we still had leaves on the trees.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Cat on a Shelf

Angus is our Cat on a Shelf


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014


If we could find the perfect forever home for Joseph, it would be at the end of a country road.

On a rolling farm.

With a friendly pony

and friendly cows

surrounded by beautiful fields 
(oh, heck, let's make it blueberry fields since we are in Maine)

and to feel safe in the arms of a warm and loving guardian.

Welcome to your forever home, Joseph!

We couldn't be more pleased to announce that 
Joseph was adopted on Sunday!

Being the brave risk taker he is, Joseph took out to explore his new home right away,

and found everything in perfect order!

Joseph came to us looking tired and bedraggled only two short months ago.

He healed, ate, slept, sunned and filled out into a gorgeous boy.

We are grateful for the many people who donated to help Joseph including Kari, Betty, Gail, Trish and Caren!!

For those of you who want to know why we couldn't keep Joseph, please keep reading below....

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Why we couldn't keep Joseph:

Many of you have given us wonderful advice on how to integrate a kitty who doesn't like other cats into a multicat household. Under different circumstances we would love to take on a project like that. However, my beloved boy, Snafu (who is growing more deaf each year) has anxiety and social issues, which have been heightened due to the unfamiliar smell of new cat on everything and especially on me. Snafu's demeanor has changed and I'm working with him medically and behaviorally to resolve the change (I hope after Joseph's smell is gone, he'll come back to himself). Since Snafu has the only other room in our cottage, there wasn't a place to separate Joseph out.

Also, we have two elderly special needs dogs that need a lot of our attention. Cooper is mostly blind and deaf as well as senile, and Buzz is living with cancer (lymphoma). So we could not add more stress factors into our  household.

We are looking forward to winter coming, slowing down and becoming more contemplative.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Flashback Friday: Yukon Snuggles Up to Nick

This photo was taken October 17, 2007

Back in the day, Nick was a wonderful big brother for Yukon!

(look at Yukon's prickly furs)

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fold Not Tuck

Snafu's double-paws are so big, he can't tuck them under...

So he just folds them one in front of the other!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dog Lovin' Yukon

With the cool weather coming, Yukon is happy to get back to snuggling with his dog buddy Cooper.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Prizes in the Mail

The kitties of Marshwood Cottage won the Giveaway sponsored by and were very intrigued by the smell of this neat little package!

Penny and Angus were the first on the scene.

When I opened the package Penny took first rights of inspection as befits her queendom.

Owen, of course couldn't resist wanting to know.

But Penny made it known it was her nip mat until she was finished.

After Penny gave it up, Wizard had a look-see.

Then finally Owen got his chance.

I didn't realized Angus was waiting patiently in the wings for his chance...

to abscond with the whole mat!

Angus wasn't taking any chances...

He wanted to inspect the mat in private!

No teeny tiny sniffy sniffy for Angus!

He wanted the full nip mat experience! Look at those glowing eyes in his reflection!

Penny eventually found him out and took back her rights.

So Angus did the next best thing and played with the packaging!

A big thank you to for the fun!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Mancat Monday: Sun Stripes

Afternoon sun stripes Mancats Nick and Angus

plus Penny enjoys a dapple!

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Autumn in Maine

We picked the last harvest

The finches are molting

Our firewood arrived

And MamaLindy stacked it away

The sunflowers have bowed their heads to Autumn

And what was once green

Shines bright with the season

Happy Autumn from Marshwood Cottage!

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Flashback Friday - Kits in Arms

October 9, 2008

is when this picture was taken.

Owen is just a couple months younger than Snafu.

I especially love Snafu's wispy tail and gray eyes.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whiskers of a Tuxie on Wednesday

Look at Joseph's beautiful whiskers!

Well, today is October 1st and we had an appointment to bring Joseph to Pal's No-Kill Cat Shelter.

We couldn't do it.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the shelter and was amazed at how many cats they had living peacefully in one huge cat room. They have an outdoor enclosure and a special room for peers and cats with special issues. A young woman was there just to snuggle and be with the cats and another woman helped me by answering a ton of questions. While I am grateful this shelter is doing everything they can to make these kitties happy and get them adopted, I felt it had to be a last resort for Joseph.

Joseph's spirit would not thrive within the accommodations for cats who do not like other cats. Two cats fell into this category, and they were in 24 x 20 metal crates. One was a tuxedo male. They did have clean litter, food, water and a nice bed.

Joseph currently lives in our workshop and is visited 4 times a day.

Above is a picture of the workshop with Joseph in the window. It was taken as I was coming back from taking the dogs for a woods walk.

Say hello!

Here is his view out the window (with his own bird feeder).

Inside, he is so happy to have visitors.

We play for a couple of minutes and he shows off his climbing skills by going up to the loft.

He has his own special room where we secure him in at night.

It has his food and water up on a shelf with a special drawer bed stuffed with old down jackets.

But Joseph's taken to sleeping in his chair with an old down sleeping bag draped over it.

About an hour or so of each day, he gets transported to the cat enclosure for time outside (he's always talking).

He loves to use our shoes as a scratching post (in a friendly way).

Many people have assured us that cats will do well outside in the winter as long as they have good bedding (ie. down jackets and sleeping bag).

Joseph is doing well with our accommodations, but he still would like to be with people, so we continue our search for his forever home.

Here is a fun video of Joseph walking the rafters while we play.

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