Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Diaper a Cat: Lesson 1

How to diaper a cat:

                          LESSON 1

First you need a diaper with a hole for a tail

...and you need a cat.

Preferably a sleeping cat.

Approach sleeping cat with diaper.

Place diaper over offensive site
 and fasten velcro around right hind leg.

Ignore awakened cat.

Quickly thread tail through open hole in center of diaper.

...and fasten velcro around left hind leg to complete the procedure. 

 ...I said

and fasten velcro around left hind leg to complete the procedure. 

Remove hands from offensive site to avoid exposed canines!

Always remember "Safety First!"

Attempt to retreive diaper to begin again.

Take care to avoid scuffle with cat while bunny kick is in progress... 


And try again, but...

know when to extract yourself from a bad situation and... 

Abandon procedure!

admit defeat!


turn over all diapers to cat!

DP gave it a good try but I haven't given up yet. 

Be sure to come back for Lesson 2!

~Lisa Co9T

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful - Owen's Misadventure

A couple of weeks ago we went into winter mode and changed the furniture around in the living room to face the wood stove. The air conditioners were replaced by screens and because it was still warm enough, we were all enjoying fresh air from open windows.

After my usual evening routine of coming home from work, doing a few chores, and giving the cats a treat, I settled in my office to work on my computer and wait for DP to come home then we’d eat a late dinner. Snafu had chased Owen into my office, running across my desk one too many times, so I closed the door to work in peace. About a half hour later, DP came home and the kitties had quieted down. We got dinner ready and when DP cleaned up the living room couch she noticed the screen had fallen out of the window. The first thing she said was “do we have everybody?” and started rollcall. Wizard was our main concern because of his habit of dashing out the door, but Owen was unaccounted for.

It was still a bit light outside so DP went directly out the back door to pick up the fallen screen and started calling for him out there. I was still calling for him in the house and checking all his favorite hidey holes. Not having found him, I grabbed a couple flashlights and joined DP in the back yard. She was already in the woods behind our house saying she thought she heard a faint cry from in there.

As I approached her handing her a flashlight she told me to go get Stanze, our German Shepherd. I ran back to the house and let her out of her crate and out the back door. DP told Stanze to “find the kitty.” After she peed and then sniffed her pee (she has her own priorities), Stanze started sniffing in search for Owen. In less than two minutes she focused in on one spot on the ground, tail wagging furiously. She found him. Owen had burrowed himself under a fallen tree beneath some old leaves. DP pulled him out, picked him up and cradled him in her neck. He was shaking and wide eyed, and thankfully didn’t bolt or fight, but pressed himself into her as she brought him out of the woods and back into the house. All the kitties surrounded him sniffing so we took him to the bedroom by himself to have some down time. We are so very grateful to have him back safe and sound.

Owen was in here

All totaled he might have been outside for about an hour and half or so. I’m very grateful he did not try to scoot under the fence as he could have so easily. Then he may have been lost to the woods and trails behind our house. {{{shivers}}}

Very Thankful to Have Owen Safe and Sound!

~Lisa Co9T

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Collars for All

Early in the hurricane season the US's Northeast Atlantic coastline had a hurricane (Earl) barreling up the coastline heading for Maine. As part of our emergency evacuation plan (should we need one) we bought collars and ID tubes for all the cats.

BJ is quite accustomed to wearing a collar since he used to be an indoor/outdoor kitty. I think this blue collar looks dashing on him.

Own got this red studded one. He was the only kitty who didn't care for the necklace, but he seemed settled in after a time.

Penny's yellow collar is a little big but it does have sparkles.

I couldn't picture Yukon in anything but black. You can see the ID tube hanging next to the bell. Oh, yes, all the collars had a bell too.

Mr Jingle Bells got a brand new pink collar. But he gave up one of his three bells to give to Penny.
I just love Snafu in pink (Hey, he pees on my carpets and bites my hand, I can put a pink collar on him if I want to).

Wizard already had his green collar and an engraved ID tag, because of his bad habit of dashing out an open door. I just snagged him off the back deck steps this evening. He didn't even make it onto the grass.

I never got good pictures of Nick and Angus in their blue and white collars, but they looked very handsome. 

The main purpose of the collar was to have an ID Tube (the orange bullet looking thing). It had a tiny bit of paper rolled up inside it with our names, full address and all our cell phones numbers.
But the bottom part of the bullet kept coming undone, losing the paper, and so the whole ID Tube idea was fruitless. We ditched it and brought the remains of the tubes back to the store. We plan to get old fashioned engraved ID tags for everyone like Wizard's.

Except for Snafu's and Wizards, we took the collars off after Earl passed by...

We got this emailed picture summing up the total devastation Hurricane Earl brought to Maine:

~Lisa Co9T