Monday, September 7, 2009

Wicked Warm Welcome!

WOOOWWW! What a wonderful and heartwarming welcome from the Cat Blogosphere! Of course, right after I posted my introductory blog, I started having computer issues so I couldn’t respond as quickly as I wanted to. I’ve also been trying to figure out how to respond directly to specific comments, but I gathered there isn’t a way to do that other than making my own comment under my blog. I did want to respond to some comments and thought I’d just blog about it. Although I protest, it was suggested that I might be “a bit crazy” as far as my cat lady status goes and I’m thinking that may be true, but also why I feel so comfortable around all of you! :D

It was great to learn about all of your respective cat families with some folks having “lots more cats” than me…I hope to spend more time learning and adding to my list of blogs to follow. It should be mentioned that we also have three dogs so all in all we have a dozen furry friends. Stanze is our female German Shepherd and we have two Jack Russell Terriers - Cooper is our male and Buzz is our female. In short, the shepherd loves the cats, the terriers (in terrier fashion) barely tolerate them.

I was asked about our ginger kitty with a tail. We have two kitties who were born without tails, but neither are official tailless breeds and both had litter mates with tails, more on them, of course, within their own blog entry. I will warn you that each kitty’s introductory blog may be kind of long, but that my regular blog entries will hopefully be shorter. I do tend to go on about them!
I’ll be coming off my porch up here in Maine and leaving my chocolate covered “Blueberries” behind to tell you about our kitties in chronological order starting with the oldest. Until then…Thanks for stopping by! Co9T


  1. welcome, welcome!!!!!

    i love that you have nine tails. we have four .


  2. Can't wait to hear more about each one of the kitties and the woofies too!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Dante's blog today! I take it this is your first introduction to Dante (and Supermancat).

    I look forward to learning about all of your furries, including the woofies! Wow, you sure must be busy just taking care of your 12! Let alone having to time to blog about them!!!

  4. Hi there! It's nice to meet you...and your cats and your woofies!! We can't wait to hear more about all your furbabies!!

  5. We look forward to meeting all of the kitties... and I am especially excited about the tailess ones as well I was born a rumpie!


  6. Oh, um, mom sez to bring da chocolate covered blueberries wif yoo...she'll help yoo eat dem.

  7. Warm welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! We will be glad to list your bloggie in our list of new ones! We never seem to catch up....That's good! But we will be listing you very very soon.
    love, brandi

  8. Welcome LISA and your lovely multiple cat family! I am Carm the Crazy Cat Lady from Buffalo. Crazy only in the sense that I am CRAZY about my cats... I have 8GR8CATS who are all getting up in years now! So it's quality and quantity time I look forward to over the next 8-10 years. I see you are from Maine! I have 4 pedigreed Maine Coon Cats. 4 of mine are rescue kitties. I look forward to reading your blog!


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