Friday, February 25, 2011

We Gots Snow and Then Some!

I planned to post these snow pictures and mention that spring is right around the corner, but today we are being pounded by yet another huge snow storm.


Wizard takes a quick jaunt around the cat enclosure.
He shakes his paws most of his time outside.

Penny managed to find a sunspot on top of a snow bank.
DP shoveled out fort-like tunnels and caves for the kitties to explore.

Here is a magic tunnel.
You go in yellow and come out gray and white!

Just kidding! It's really Owen and Angus!
These two love it outside and spend the most time of all our kitties out in the snow.

Our plowed snow banks are so high, they reach above the porch rail.
You can see my car off in the distance!

Here's a view from inside looking onto the porch.
Even my snow shoes are buried.

Sorry Rex!
Not much action at the bird feeder stuck to the window if the seeds are hiding under the white stuff.

We are expecting another 10 to 15 inches today!
The only thing to do is make chicken soup.

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Wow! Another 15 inches will really add to the piles! Freish snow is nice, but I bet you wish that it would all be over with. It seems likely that we have seen our last snow storm: today it is raining instead.
    Stay warm! And enjoy the soup.

  2. Wow! You got a lot of snow!! And it looks like fun!! We're getting some more snow today too!

  3. Gaaagggghhhhhh! You have even more snow than we do, we think. Ugh.

    We're having a storm today, more snow on Sunday, supposedly.

    We all want Spring, and the mom especially wants this winter from h*ll to be over.

    -Nicki and Derry

  4. Oh no, not more snow! It looks like Owen and Angus are enjoying it though.

  5. Chicken soup and snow sounds proper! Or chili! Or beef stew!

  6. What an adorable picture of Owen and Angus! They are enjoying themselves out in all that snow. And oh my what snow you have! MOL


  7. "you go in yellow and come out gray and white" too funny! Hope the snow melts soon....ours is still here too :(

  8. Wow, all that snow an now yer gettin MORE?

  9. love the snow tunnels! Great fun for those kitties!

  10. Glad the kitties are enjoying the snow. Personally, I am done. I cannot wait for Spring.

  11. Wow !!! So So Much Snow !!!!
    Very High ! Very Thick !!!
    But I like your magic tunnel..Look so fun !!!
    Your mom must you guys so much to go out there and make a wonderful tunnel for you. Lucky guys !!
    I'm pretty new here but I think I like your blog already : ) Stay safe and Stay warm guys

  12. Yuck!! We have had enough of this stuff too!

  13. Yikes, you guys still have so much snow (and more on the way ... Oy!). Glad some of you are managing to enjoy the white stuff (cool tunnels, DP).

    Stay warm, friends...

  14. You gots tunnels??? Super cool!

  15. MeWowZa...our unfurry toes would freeze if we walked on snow...but sure is fun to see you guys out in it!


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