Friday, February 25, 2011

We Gots Snow and Then Some!

I planned to post these snow pictures and mention that spring is right around the corner, but today we are being pounded by yet another huge snow storm.


Wizard takes a quick jaunt around the cat enclosure.
He shakes his paws most of his time outside.

Penny managed to find a sunspot on top of a snow bank.
DP shoveled out fort-like tunnels and caves for the kitties to explore.

Here is a magic tunnel.
You go in yellow and come out gray and white!

Just kidding! It's really Owen and Angus!
These two love it outside and spend the most time of all our kitties out in the snow.

Our plowed snow banks are so high, they reach above the porch rail.
You can see my car off in the distance!

Here's a view from inside looking onto the porch.
Even my snow shoes are buried.

Sorry Rex!
Not much action at the bird feeder stuck to the window if the seeds are hiding under the white stuff.

We are expecting another 10 to 15 inches today!
The only thing to do is make chicken soup.

~Lisa Co9T

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Tailess Tabbies Tocked on Tuesday

Yukon and Owen

I have trouble deciding which impossibly adorable Yukon and Owen picture to use.
Their sweetness is neverending...

~Lisa Co9T

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cat Bed - Variations on a Theme

You may recall how much Owen loves his cat bed. Here is a link to the post from when he first got it .

Although he loves his bed, he is happy to share it, but each kitty has their own variation on how to sleep in it.

Here is Owen kneading away!

Penny doesn't need too much space when she makes a Pennyball.

This time it looks like Stuffed Yukon

Wizard just seems to be waiting

Hey! You're not a kitty! Hmmmm...Cooper fits pretty good.

Hmmmm...Angus does not fit pretty good.

But that's okay, Owen still doesn't mind sharing!
BTW - They really are napping.

~Lisa Co9T

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Luckily kitties who have tender feet simply avoid going outside at all during the sub zero winter weather. The doggies, however, don't have the luxury of staying inside, and frankly most doggies we know love to be outside no matter what the weather.

That's why Rex got booties!

Here he is trying them on for the first time.

Rex is such a good sport and became and old pro in no time!

~Lisa Co9T

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Christmas Post

We had to share some great pictures taken during the holidays. I'm sure you are all way over Christmas by now, but I can't let these go to waste.

So may I present to you...

Our Christmas Post!

Once the tree was up, everyone found a place to nap beside the good outdoor smells. Penny is on top, of course, then Yukon, Angus and BJ. Do I detect ranking here?

Wizard wanted to help wrap presents....

So of course Snafu wanted to help wrap, too.

But Snafu had his own idea about wrapping.

Owen thought the paper would make a good surface for batting around his toy.

Then Yukon and Angus tried it out for napping possibilities.

There were plenty of gifts for kitties and terriers too!

Snafu immediately took over one toy for himself.

Owen tried out one of the gift bags.

I think you'll agree that Angus is a gift.

We also took a moment to remember Moseley, who went to the Bridge
a year ago on December 26th.

Our humble thanks to those of you who stopped by our silent blog just to wish us a happy holiday. We read and enjoyed all your comments even though we did not post anything at the time.

~Lisa Co9T