Monday, July 7, 2014

Mancat Talks

Yukon likes to talk. His is not a meow, but more like a squawk. He seems to squeak, force out an "eep" and an occasional "Ek-kek-kow" - which is close to meow.

For anyone who didn't catch last Thursday's post, our Cat of Nine Tales blog is moving and changing it's name to Marshwood Cottage at the end of July! Please pay a visit to our new (but still under construction) blog by clicking HERE and subscribe to Marshwood Cottage. Here is my Thursday post with more details.  Thank you and...

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  1. Hi Yukon! Nicki always seems to have a lot to say too, though our human wishes he didn't. LOL.

  2. Boodie talks weird too - my human says she sounds like a space alien, with all her eeps and squeaks.

  3. Mum says my meow is more of a bellow.

  4. Wow, we are "meowers" here. Mebbe we learned as we arrived. Ayla is REAL talkative though.


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