Friday, February 6, 2015

Winter at the Cottage

Our neighbor's cat Momo watching our bird feeders 

Wizard dipping into our blizzard emergency water supply

The entrance to the cat enclosure

The other side of the entrance

Fresh snowfall from inside the cat enclosure

After the roof was cleared off.

The cat enclosure is now officially closed until further notice!

 The workshop the morning after the blizzard

MamaLindy clearing off the roof!

 MamaLindy and dogs breaking trail!

My first foray on snow shoes in a long while!

Our yard is a dog's maze of pathways.

The dog door and other paths

Marshwood bunker!

From inside the bunker!

At least the squirrels are happy!

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  1. What a lot of snow - we bet the squirrels are grateful for those nuts. We bet your cats don't want to put even one paw in that snow!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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  3. That is a lot of snow. I think I would hibernate!

  4. You got lots of snow. Snowshoes are fun and handy.

  5. Holy carp! Will all that snow ever melt!?

  6. Looks like you kittens are pretty well locked in fer a while, though it would probably be safe walkin the doggie trails.

  7. Holy COW you guys got some serious SNOW!!! Brrrrrrrrrr...

  8. Goodness! Such a lot of snow! Are your roads passable or do you know you'll just be housebound for a few days when the storms come?

    1. Barely passable. The roads are plowed and sanded during these storms, but we all make plans to stay home for as long as we can (which is only a day or two). With storm after storm it's dangerous and slow going to drive anywhere. But, people go to work and still "carry on!"


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