Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two Cat Tuesday: Match Makers

We played Match Maker this summer!

On two occasions we had the happy opportunity to find kittens for humans in need.

Early this summer, DP's brother and sister-in-law were ready to open their hearts to a new beginning after their 14 year old calico passed away last winter. They were hoping for another calico and we convinced them to get two so they'd have each other.

DP searched and searched until finally she found a tortico and her sister. When asked if they'd be okay with that coloring they replied, "You know we're going to love any of them to pieces!" Good answer!

So here is Gracie and Lily who were born in Maine and now live in New Hampshire.

Then my boss's Silver Bangal had an unexpected batch of kittens. Unexpected because this is her second litter this year!

Here is Bella with her six kittens.

We have some friends who have two male cats. One is a 16 year old named Cyrus and the other is a rambunctious 3 year old name Sushi looking to play a lot more often than his elder sibling can deal with. So these smart humans decided to get Sushi a playmate of his own. We suggested a girl might be in order and told them of my boss's kittens. Bella hadn't even had the kittens yet and our friends agreed they'd wait to get one from Bella's litter.

We visited the kittens at three weeks and took lots of pictures to show our friends who live a couple hours away. Which kitten would they choose? Luckily, Bella had 5 girls and one boy.

The kittens were well socialized and handled a lot by sticky ones.
These two girls are twins.

A couple weeks later, our friends came up for a visit to pick out their own kitten, but when they saw them all, they couldn't decide which one so they got TWO!

Meet Lily and Maizy, the twins!

There are three kittens left, if anyone is interested!
All girls are settled in and happy in their new homes with loving, doting humans to attend their every need.

Life is Good!

~Lisa Co9T


  1. YAY!!! They are all gorgeous and if I were to come home with another kitten my husband would KILL me!

  2. Bless you for finding them such great homes. xxxxxxxxx

  3. That is so cool that you were able to find some forever homes for those kits. We hope that your boss gets her silver stripey cat spayed soon to prevent future accidents.

  4. Love it, love it, love it, that is so very wonderful for them!

  5. That is such super matchmaking. How lovely that both families took sibling pairs!

  6. That's the BEST kind of love match in the world...Hurrah!

  7. Aw, they all are so cute!! Good job in finding them homes!!

  8. Oh,it is allus SO NICE ta read about kitties gettin Forever Homes... You guys did good werk this Summer!

  9. That must be a very heartwarming job -- matchmaker to kittens and humans who want them!

    All of the kittens are adorable, of course. Those twins are really something special, because it's quite rare, I believe.

    Good luck finding homes for the other three. I'm sure it shouldn't be a problem since they are extraordinarily gorgeous.

  10. How wonderful! They are a handsome litter, all right.

    We love the little girls, too. And how lucky is it to live in New Hampster?

  11. Yoo have done a great job helping those sweet little ones find loving forever homes. Fanks.

  12. See, I'm kinda glad Maine is faraway--cuz Tommy is like "We need a baby." I'm like "NO" we do not--I AM YOUR BABY....ahem...uh, they kinda cute tho...I could boss a girl around...

  13. You guys are pawsome matchmakers! Who doesn't love the babies!

  14. Great job on the matchmaking. I am so happy that these kittens found forever homes.

  15. Wonderful stories! I hope the other kits find good forever homes quickly too!


  16. What a great post! Thank you for finding these beautiful kitties such wonderful homes. :)

  17. All the kittens are just adorable! You did a great thing finding them homes!

  18. ohhhhhhh so wunnerful! and those little torticos are just HEARTbreakingly gorgeous.

  19. Aw all the kittens are so cute! That is great that you were able to help and make those matches - they are good ones too, it sounds like!


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