Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Collars for All

Early in the hurricane season the US's Northeast Atlantic coastline had a hurricane (Earl) barreling up the coastline heading for Maine. As part of our emergency evacuation plan (should we need one) we bought collars and ID tubes for all the cats.

BJ is quite accustomed to wearing a collar since he used to be an indoor/outdoor kitty. I think this blue collar looks dashing on him.

Own got this red studded one. He was the only kitty who didn't care for the necklace, but he seemed settled in after a time.

Penny's yellow collar is a little big but it does have sparkles.

I couldn't picture Yukon in anything but black. You can see the ID tube hanging next to the bell. Oh, yes, all the collars had a bell too.

Mr Jingle Bells got a brand new pink collar. But he gave up one of his three bells to give to Penny.
I just love Snafu in pink (Hey, he pees on my carpets and bites my hand, I can put a pink collar on him if I want to).

Wizard already had his green collar and an engraved ID tag, because of his bad habit of dashing out an open door. I just snagged him off the back deck steps this evening. He didn't even make it onto the grass.

I never got good pictures of Nick and Angus in their blue and white collars, but they looked very handsome. 

The main purpose of the collar was to have an ID Tube (the orange bullet looking thing). It had a tiny bit of paper rolled up inside it with our names, full address and all our cell phones numbers.
But the bottom part of the bullet kept coming undone, losing the paper, and so the whole ID Tube idea was fruitless. We ditched it and brought the remains of the tubes back to the store. We plan to get old fashioned engraved ID tags for everyone like Wizard's.

Except for Snafu's and Wizards, we took the collars off after Earl passed by...

We got this emailed picture summing up the total devastation Hurricane Earl brought to Maine:

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Great idea to have everyone carrying ID. Over here, everyone is microchipped so that takes care of that. By the way, we buy our collars at ETSY. There are such wonderful ones available!

  2. Thanks for letting us know those ID tubes are worthless. My COD what incredible devastation was wrought!

  3. That's a great idea for all of you to have collars! And those collars sure look good on all of you!! We wear collars too...with the old fashion tags that have our names and addresses on them. Just in never know....

    We wear Beastie Bands...they are lightweight, stretchy and velcro to close.

  4. Having ID for everyone is great, and it is wonderful that you are preparing a proper evacuation plan for everyone. It makes our Mummy think seriously about them for us, in case there ever is an emergency. We currently don't wear any collars, but we are microchipped.
    It is a shame the ID tubes didn't work, as they seemed like such a good idea!


  5. Everybody looks great in their collars!

    The boys are microchipped, done by the shelter at the time of neutering. Annie's not microchipped, though.

    I did try one of those ID tubes years ago and thought they were useless.

    Wow, such *terrible* devastation from Earl! :-D

  6. MOL! We love the last picture.

    We all have collars with ID tags giving our name, the home number and The Mum's mobile number. On the other side is the name of our Veteniary Surgery and their number. We're also all Microchipped in case we're ever lost without our collars

  7. Since my cats never go outside and don't even try, I've never considered collars for them. I guess perhaps I should, since we live in tornado alley.

    Your picture of your hurricane devastation cracked me up!

  8. We're microchipped, which I suppose is only useful if someone finds us and takes us to a Vet for scanning. We have no interest in going outside, but we do live in Earthquake country. Hmmm, maybe our Mom should think about getting us collars?

  9. Great job on being prepared! We are all microchipped, but I should probably get collars too.

    I am so thankful you all made it through the storm...looks like it was a scary time!

  10. Our mama keeps saying that even though we're indoor only kitties, we should have a chip......especially since brother Sammy dashes out the door if given half a chance.

    Have a grand day.



  11. OK FURst...BWA HA HA HA HA at the devastation! SOOOOOO funny~!!!

    Those collars look dashing on all of them!!!

  12. Wow, looks like Maine got hit hard. MOL

    What a great idea to get collars for all the cats!

  13. The only ID I have is my blogging license! Wow, that wind must have been fierce!

  14. Everyone looks great in their collars!...We've missed you guys and hope all is well...We are having a special post tomorrow (Oct. 7) about Mommy's first baby, Nikki; hope you can visit...kisses, sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. All of that, and seemingly for naught! Even Earl didn't have enough noughts to cause any concern.

    All of your kitties looks more dressed up in their collars. I especially like Snafu's -- very fitting somehow.

    I have my 3-Ds microchipped, but I imagine with all your animals, that would be quite costly indeed.

  16. Hi! I'm Angie from Catladyland and Katt Food -- I saw you on Daisy's blog and decided to stop by and check out your blog. Your kitties are beautiful and I LOVE the collars -- look forward to following your blog. Stop by and say hi on my blogs too!


    Katt Food:

  17. All the collars look great! We wear ours all the time because they have bells. We were microchipped, but we think we are gonna get tags too.

  18. You all look very smart in your new collars.
    Goodness! What terrible 'devastation'.

  19. ID is very impawtant ~ but we're glad yoo were ALL safe and the chair didn't fall on ennybuddy! MOL!

  20. We think it was a great idea to get the collars for everyone. It is too bad the tubes didn't work - they do look kind of cool. Have you ever looked into getting usb id tags - that would hold a lot of info on each of them. I know there are a lot of different kinds out there.

    We are glad that you are all safe after that hurricane.

  21. So glad you survived all the winds!!! The collar did look great - too bad the tubes don't work.

  22. devastating...what if there had been lemonaid on that table?a

  23. wise move. We have collars and it took a day or two to accept them but how we are fine. Darcy sometimes loses part of his so Mrs H checks them every day. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  24. You all look adorable in your new collars!


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