Monday, November 15, 2010

Angus Outside and In

 This is one of Angus's favorite places to hang out.

It's the entrance door (window) to their cat enclosure outside.

He likes to know he can get back inside the house at a moments notice...
which would be when the dogs start barking for any particular reason.

He is acutally sitting on the top step of a step ladder.

This is the view from outside.
Sometimes, like in this photo, he blocks the window so other kitties can't get through (here it is BJ just below him waiting).

Lately it has been too cold in the mornings to go right outside,
so Angus sits on the inside to look out.

Hi Angus!

The Many Faces of Angus:

Such a comedian...

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Angus, you're such a handsome, smoochable boy! Our mom could use a cat flap for us, then she wouldn't have to jump up and let us out and in every two minutes....

  2. Those pictures are terrific. Angus you are so cute. What a smart kitty to go up and down the ladder to get in and out. We loved seeing you this morning. Take care.

  3. Angus, you are quite the funny bunny.

  4. Hi ya, Angus!! We couldn't tell if you were coming or going!! Maybe a little bit of both!

  5. Angus, you are the Adorable Doorman! And BIG, too! Or are you all fluff?

  6. He is such a handsome boy, such eyes!

  7. Awwww he is just a beautiful cat!
    What a cute wee face!

  8. Angus, you are adorable! And you remind me so much of my Dylan (not in appearance, but in behaviour).

    Dylan cannot stand a door that is closed, and he wants to come in and out at will. However, now it is colder so I must keep the door closed -- and when he's out, he stands there like you do at your window. When he's in, he wants out again.

    You kitties are so PURRverse!

  9. MOL you look so cute looking in from da outsides, is much warming looking out from in tho; purrs2u!

  10. Angus, you are quite the handsome boy and you pose wonderfully!

  11. Oh, I LOVE seeing other kitties who like to climb up ladders!


  12. Angus, you are so lucky that you get to go out and in. I am an inside only cat because of where I live and my virii. You are one handsome mancat, too.

  13. Oh my, that last picture is so cool! That ladder thingy is pretty nice!

  14. Those are great pics! Love the ladder shots -- that's quite the set-up!

  15. Angus is very very smoochable and cute. And he's got that entrance / exit sussed!


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