Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to Diaper a Cat: Lesson 2

How to Diaper a Cat

                                LESSON 2   Please click here for Lesson 1 (not a prerequisite)

First you need a diaper with a hole for a tail

...and you need a cat.

Preferably a hungry cat.


Offer cat stinky goodness in exchange for his cooperation.


Pose eating cat with diaper and take picture.

The following procedure can not be shown
 on account of I can't hold a camera and
 diaper a cat at the same time...


Presto Change-O!!!

Ta Da!!!!!!

The back view (he is still eating).

Just a cat, in a diaper, washing his face.

And just like that...

Snafu got up and stepped out of the diaper
then sat back down...

Total Time in Diaper?

2 mintues 45 seconds.

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Haha! Looks like Snafu is the one giving lessons on how to not get diapered!

  2. Well, cats are incredibly intelligent ;)

  3. Hahahaha! Way to go, Snafu. NO chance the humans are going to out-smart you!

    Mom says to go to Curls and Swirlz, scroll down till you see the kitty diaper pic.


  4. Never a doubt in my mind Snafu!

  5. Ha, ha.

    We saw a tv program once about people with purebred show and breeding cats and they put some diaper-like bottoms on some of their cats that were cloth and much smaller. They seemed to stay on, though they looked pretty funny.

  6. What a totally CUTE post!!!!! We luved it, and we luv y'all.

  7. I must admit, this is all highly aMEWSing, but I'm still kafuffled about why. Why, why, why are you trying to diaPURR Snafu?

    Is he forgetting to use the litter box or something?

    I think Snafu must think it's all a game. How fast can I get this thing off?

    I must admit the misdirection worked for getting the darned thing on, anyway. Now you just have to work out how to keep it on. PURRhaps some safety pins? Yow!

  8. Awsome!! Rosie still pees occasionally where she shouldn't. Perhaps I should try this on her!

  9. Snafu is a riot :)!!...I used diapers on my Mom's cat Asia (1986-2006) in the last month of her life and she did well with it...Good luck...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. How you can get a diaper ON is still amazing...I can't get 'em to wear a lousy chicken hat!

  11. MOL. Snafu is like the Houdini of cats!

    Total time to diaper a cat = 2 minutes 45 seconds

    Total time for Snafu to escape the diaper = 2 seconds


  12. Snafu, you are just too clever!

  13. And it's empty so it can be recycled on the next cat!

  14. Momma says if there is a Lesson 3 she may not be able to stand it! she LOL'd herself silly!

    We Gs, on the other hand, see nothing amusing about it. Srsly.

  15. haahahaa we admired Snafu's total indifference! Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  16. "Total Time in Diaper? 2 minutes 45 seconds."

    Cost? Priceless

  17. I can't even get some of them to keep a collar on. I think you did pretty good with that diaper. :)

  18. This was very interesting but I have two questions.
    1. Why do you want to diaper a kittie?
    2. Where are the photos of the humans teying to get the diaper on you? Bet you gave them a run for the money on this one.

  19. Snafu wins, but all in all that was a fair amount of diapered cat time!

  20. Cute scenario, hahameow! The diapers that our Sammy is wearing are actually small dog diapers I got at Petco and they work great!

  21. I have no idea why Snafu would have to wear a diaper but he makes me so proud!


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