Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yard Cats

This is what we did over the holiday weekend. 
Found some shade in the sun 
after days and days of rain in May.

Snafu is on his back (looking at me) between the two ramps,
Penny is on the deck with Nick below her, and 
Wizard is sitting on a new addition to the enclosure. 
It's a camp chair we got at a yard sale.
DP is a yard sailing aficionado.

~Lisa Co9T


  1. The sunshine looks wonderful! We ended May on a sunny, warm note and hope it bodes will for June and the the summer!

  2. Makes us wish we had a safe yard with a fence - that looks like fun!!

  3. What a great snapshot!!!!!!

    Happy Wednesday to all you darlins'

  4. Oooo! Grass for your feeties! We don't have grass where we live. It's one of those little things we took for granted and miss so much now. Snafu looks nice and relaxed. That's is a joy to see. Love to all!

  5. What a great picture. Snafu made us MOL with his funny pose! :)

  6. They all look so absolutely happy enjoy the beautiful weather. Of course, Snafu has to do his lounging upside down (LOL)!

    I biggified it, and it's a lovely picture of very pampurred and totally loved cats.

  7. Lovely Sunshine over there !!!
    I think the best comfy is Snafu ...heh..heh...heh..Belly Up!

  8. Sunbeams are good!
    And being outside in the sunbeam is even better!

  9. Looks like you all had a great weekend!!

  10. I also biggified and could see Snafu more clearly. You wouldn't think it was the sam cat as in the previous post's video!

    Sun and grass - NICE!

  11. Looks like a nice relaxing day for catnaps in the yard!


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