Friday, May 27, 2011

A Snafu Friday

In this video is a pretty typical move of Snafu.

I try not to let it get very far, but lately I've
been wanting to capture his behavior on video.

Notice at the end how he sees that I'm watching him and he 
looks for his next move. That's when I stop and redirect

and this is how I spend my time...redirecting Snafu.

If you'd like to read even more about Snafu and how he is doing.  Please visit my
other blog After Boom.

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Ernie does this to both Wally and Zoey. I've learned to do a lot of re-directing too! I think Ernie is just trying to show he is the dominate one...and is very successful at it! Fortunately, Ernie doesn't spray (and I hope he keeps it that way!)

  2. Wow, Snafu really does want to be the dominant cat, doesn't he?

  3. Snafu is so much like Maui...I know you don't want to drug him but clomicalm has made the world of difference for our Mau. he gets 2.5 mgs a day, and he's still perky and fun, just not as agitated all the time, looking for trouble. (Amitryptelline had much more a sedative affect on him, that's why we switched.) Plus, he sprays about 95% less. We weaned him off a while back and his "bad" behavior started up again, plus he was so RESTLESS...poor guy couldn't wind down. So we put him back on it and I think he's actually happier not being so tightly strung, and able to play with his furblings.

  4. When I wanna show dominance, I just POUNCE!


  5. What a pill! While I am not on anxiety meds, hahameow...Disco is. He has been on Paxil for about 2 years or so and it truly helps him not spray mark as often. He now gets 1/4 tab M-W-F with weekends off, hahameow, as I am home a lot and he gets more attention. One of our staff has her kitty on clomipramine, too with fair results with spraying but good results with aggression. Another one to try is lorazepam.

  6. Clomicalm is off label for cats but hear it works very well for urine spraying and kitty anxiety. You have two excellent resources in Catnip lounge and Terri. Maybe if you described the behaviors and responses in detail to them they might have a kitty who matches and they can advise you as to medication and doses.. This is the beauty of the Cat Blogosphere: you are never alone. We pray every day for Snafu. I used to have really mixed feelings about psychoactive medications. But after my experience with mum's Alzheimers and a neighbor's grandson who was unable to function or learn with his attention / activity disorder (a D or F student to honour roll , friendless to Mr. Popularity on his carefully dosed meds) my feelings have changed immeasurably. My Pumpkin had been on psychoactives it helped him for a while then didn't but it did get him over a lot of negative behaviors. He was then able to overcome the rest without meds.
    You are an amazing person, Lisa. God bless you.

  7. Snafu is rather relentless isn't he? At least his level of aggression doesn't seem very high yet, and then you were able to divert him.

    It must be a full time job redirecting Snafu. Boy, was he well-named!

  8. we must video some more.. we loved seeing yours 'moving and shaking'. Lovely. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  9. Is everything OK? We hope you had a lovely holliday weekend.

  10. It all sounds so peaceful there! There's no sounds of screaming, or elephant paws thumping around upstairs!


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