Friday, May 2, 2014

A Visitor to Marshwood Cottage

We are enjoying the company of Cricket for the next couple of days while her Human Mom is travelling.

Cricket has been a little overwhelmed by the delicious kitty food smells that she is NOT getting several times a day!

Our walks in the woods has helped keep her busy.

Being wary of all the kitties has kept her busy, too!

Watch out, Cricket! Penny has a razor sharp hackle!

That's enough action for one day for this 15 year old girl!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Cricket looks like a nice woofie. We hope she enjoys her stay.

  2. Cricket looks like a sweetie. We hope her visit is a good one...with lots of doggie treats! :-)

  3. Cricket you sure do look like a very good doggie!

  4. Hello little Cricket. What a sweet dog you are and a good one too. Being a good girl with all of those kitties deserves extra treats and loving. Hugs from us.


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