Thursday, May 29, 2014

Marshwood Cottage Vegetables

The Vegetable Garden has been planted for 2014!!    Whew!

This is what it looked like in early April (yes, that is snow in the foreground).

We slowly cleaned out the debris, old mulch cloth and weeds. Then DP tried out the Mantis Tiller that was given to us last year (thank you C and M!). It worked great!

I made sure to get our plants before the holiday weekend to avoid the mad rush at our local greenhouses.

Over here we planted tomatoes (3 varieties), pickling cucumbers, bell peppers and threw in some beet seeds for fun.

On this side we planted zucchini, summer squash and pumpkins!

Here is the final outcome.

This year we took advantage of the trellis that came with the property, 

cleaned out the raised bed, planted peas on one side and green beans on the other.

All the seeds germinated with gusto and it needs a little more thinning on the pea side.

All we do now is weed, water and feed and soon they will feed us! Gardening is grand!!

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  1. We hope everything grows well and you have a bountiful harvest!

  2. Super! Hard work but well worth it, to have fresh veggies from your own garden. That's not something most of us get, so we think you're lucky. Even if you do have to weed. LOL.

  3. Well done! We have gardeners here, but they mostly do flowers and stuff. There isn't much room here, ya know.
    Mommy said that her family had a large garden when she was growing up. One third flowers and 2 thirds good veggies. What they couldn't use they gave away to townspeople.

  4. That was some hard work but it'll be worth it to grow some of your own veggies.

  5. It's looking good. Nothing as good as eating home grown crops.


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