Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Grand Opening!

The cat enclosure was officially closed in January

The piles of snow coming off the roof made it fairly inaccessible

By late last week the piles of snow melted quite a bit

But looking inside, you can see winter had taken it's toll. One ramp snapped in two and the entry ramp pulled down from the window. Several shelf brackets bent forward.


After some shoveling, MamaLindy got to work Friday morning. The first day of her vacation.

By 4:30 that afternoon, it was open for business!

With many new upgrades! More shelves, higher shelves, more ramps and two ladders!

We still have some snow to deal with...

But the new high ramps make great sun bathing spots.

Next year, MamaLindy will put a cover over the enclosure like we did our first year at Marshwood Cottage.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Glad to hear that whatever damage Ol' Man Winter did to your catio is fixable. Nasty of him to do any damage, at all. And you still have some snow? So do we, I'm afraid. Never seen snow so late in all my twelve years. MOUSES! purrs


  2. We think you guys have an awesome catio -- and we're thrilled for you all that it's open for business now! Hurrah!

  3. You kitties are lucky to have such a nice cation and a mom to get is ready for you.

  4. Can't believe you still have snow! it will soon be May! Thank goodness you can get on the ramps and enjoy the sun.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Yay, the cat enclosure is not only back - it's better than ever!

  6. Summer is right your cat enclosure is better than ever!

  7. Glad you are all able to get back out in your improved enclosure again.

  8. Oh burrrrr! Still snow around! We're warm weather kitties and unless it's at least 60F, we shy away from the door.
    Your catio is marvelous. Well done mama Lindy!


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