Monday, April 27, 2015

Mancat Monday with Snafu

Snafu is showing off the latest addition to the cat enclosure.

A cat house!!

It's filled with straw and all the kitties are loving it.

However, as kitties will do, they've been trying real hard to jump on top of the house. 
So, even though this roof took a lot of work to construct, MamaLindy is working on a flat roof so kitties can have yet one more place to hang out!
Pictures coming soon!

Click here to see how our cat enclosure was built.

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  1. The cat house looks awesome. The whole catio is fantastic.

    I'd looked at how it was built, but just looked again. Are those post holes cemented into the ground? How is it designed to be stable and not succumb to frost heave, etc.? Curious because our climate is pretty much the same, here in Eastern Ontario. I've often wished for a fully enclosed catio, though can't do that where I am now, the townhouse condo.

    1. There aren't any cement pilings. It is essentially on and in the ground, and the wood is not supposed to be subject to rot (its untreated Maine White Cedar). However, we are very subject to frost heaves and in fact the door will not properly close in the winter because the center of the structure raises way up. We bungie the door shut until the ground thaws. :)

  2. that is a nice house....we like that it is up off the ground

  3. What a cool house to hang out in.

  4. Your kitties sure are lucky to have a catio with a mini house inside :)

  5. We loved how the enclosure was built, especially that nice cat-friendly ramp! And the new shelter-house is great!


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