Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Fresh Start for Mancat Monday


Presenting the new format of Cat of Nine Tales!

I was going to have this ready for last Monday, but I couldn't pull it together so I enlisted the aid of the one and only Ann of Zoolatry! Didn't she do an awesome job!? We are so grateful to her for her time and creativity! Please take a look around. We even have a new footer! I feel like I can stretch my legs a little bit more with all this room.

Here is our contribution to Mancat Monday:

Now here is an alpha kitty who is secure in his mancatness.

DP picked up this new "cat furniture" at a local thrift shop. It was only $2.99!

First we figured that Penny would really love it...

But she found it too big.

Then we thought that Owen might like it...

 But he didn't last in it very long

And then we thought....why not?

Ah...not so much.

It turned out to be just right for Wizard, but of course everyone loves the feathers.

Okay, I'm done assaulting you with the pink chair.
~Lisa Co9T


  1. Oh my! Do you think that pink bed comes with the name Gracie on it?!

  2. That's a cool bed...we like the feathers too!!

    And the new blog design is great!!

  3. Love it! The header is great and the new design. One would think all the cats would like the new bed, but I can never really figure the cats out.

  4. That is a serious dose of pinkness, but the chair seems to have found a perfect occupant!

    Great new look!

  5. Now that's PINK! Looks very comfy.

    Your new blog look is great!

  6. Very pretty pictures and I love the new look!!!

  7. That is a great cat chair - but yes, that is one very secure mancat to sit in something so pink! But the feathers do make it very tempting!

    We love the new layout too!

  8. A pink Barbie papasan! That's wonderful!

  9. That's a very good cat chair -- obviously lots of your kitties tried it out -- but it only fit one of them just right (something like the Three Bears and their beds).

    Wizard looks very relaxed and comfy there in his bright pink Barbie chair covered with feathers. You'd think the feathers would drive them all nuts!

    Yes, congrats on the new blog and your new header and footer. Ann does a spectacular job!

  10. A REAL ManCat likes pink and it seems you fit PURRfectly in that little chair! Your page looks FANTASTIC~!!!

  11. I love the new look! And that chair is to die for!

  12. Wizard is very self assured in the pink chair.
    Your new look is great. We were worried yesterday because we tried to visit and it said the blog was by invitation only. Now we know why.

  13. The new logo is fantastic, just perfect with the haol and the eyes in the letters. Barbie chair is fantastic!!! A deal at twice the price.

  14. That pink chair would go with my pink boa that GJ sent me.

  15. Nice new format! Ann is awesome!

    It takes a REAL mancat to make the pink chair work, and Wizard looks great in it.


  16. The wee lass here would LOVE that! She'd have to fight Banshee for it though. ;)


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