Monday, January 4, 2010

A Fresh Start

Well it certainly has been an eventful holiday.

We started off with an unexpected gift!

T-Rex became a member of our household two days before Christmas!
He's a 3 year old miniature rat terrier we have fostered before, but now we're giving him a forever home with us.

That makes three...count them, that's t-h-r-e-e terriers, or as we like to say "terrorists."

Our Christmas was one the best in recent memory...

Lots of paper and boxes for kitties to play with.

Nick was half in the bag...

You may have heard that Moseley passed away on December 26th (if not, you can read my blog entry here).  I truly appreciate all the kind words you, our cat blogging friends, left in the comments and have read them several times. I know you all know how it feels. Your words have helped my heart heal.

His sparse room (after being left untouched for two days) was cleaned and converted into a music room.

Everyone was anxious to check out the new place. They were not allowed in here for a couple of years.

We moved the Chickadee Channel in there.

And that brings us to today where I'm enjoying my annual after the holiday's chest cold, and unfortunately Yukon has joined me this year. He looks at me and blinks sympathetically with watery eyes when I go into a coughing fit, and I wipe his eyes and nose with a soft tissue after he has a sneezing fit.

He's just had a sneezing fit in this picture and is resting. Poor boy. We'll muddle through together and start fresh tomorrow.
It's good to be back.
~Lisa Co9T


  1. We've been missing you! T-Rex is a cutie and we are so glad you home is now his forever home!!! Looks like y'all had fun with the wrapping paper too!

  2. Terrorists! HaHaHaHa!
    I hope you all feel better!

  3. Looks like you had a festive Christmas--and T-Rex. Love the name! Yukon and you take care of yourself..sneezes and coughs are not fun!


  4. So sorry you are feeling under the weather. Try some L-Lysine for Yukon--amino acid that binds to the molecules of the cold virus and helps alleviate the symptoms, clears it up faster. I give my fur crew Lysine every day, about 250mg to 500mg each, in their canned food. I buy the capsules, break them apart and sprinkle the powder into the food. Been doing this for years, long before my vet started recommending it to me. It's cleared up Nicki's and Derry's runny eyes beautifully. You can give 500mg per day during a cold flare up, or a lesser amount (250mg) on a daily basis, as a preventative. Not sure what to suggest for YOUR chest cold, other than the usual bed rest, liquids, etc. Maybe some good drugs. LOL.

    And lucky T-Rex has his forever home! Congratulations!

  5. Welcome to the family, T-Rex!
    We've also heard great things about L-Lysine!

  6. I hope you both feel better soon. Everyone looks like they are enjoying the new music room. I love the idea of calling the pups terrorists!

  7. Firstly, we hope that both you and Yukon will feel much better soon. Colds are just very unpleasant.

    Congratulations on Terrier #1. You are brave indeed!

  8. Aw, starting off the New Year sick just stinks! Hope you two are feeling better soon.

  9. We hope you feel better soon and welcome to T-Rex!

  10. We've also been battling the sniffles and sneezles with us kitties. My momma washes everyone and has been spreading it. She is in isolation until we all clear up!

    Welcome to your new terrorist!!!!

  11. Hi, T-Rex, happy to meet you. We hope you both feel better soon. xxxxxxxx

  12. Welcome to your furrever home T~Rex! Sorry for the loss of Moseley. We just found out in this post...our mom wasn't able to blog for us too much with the holidays. We're sorry for the loss.

  13. You had a lot of ups and downs over the past few weeks. Welcome T-Rex! We hope that you and Yukon recover quickly and that Spring is in the air.

  14. Welcome back! It is too bad you have that cold, and for poor Yukon too. We are sending you lots of get well purrs and prayers. It is so sad about Moseley but at least at the bridge he is healthy and well. And wow, a new addition to the family has to help a bit - something new to keep your mind on. Welcome T-Rex!

  15. Wow! Three terrorist to contend with??!? We don't envy you all! ;-) And look at all that paper to play with!! Whoohoo! What fun!!

    We're sorry about Moseley...and we hope everyone is feeling better soon....

  16. Hi T Rex. Concats on getting your Forever Home.
    We hope Yukon and mum are soon feeling better.

  17. Hope you and Yukon feel much better. Welcome to the new little terrorist!

  18. Three terrorist terriers! Wow! Run!

  19. The new room looks nice and up to cat standard. It may never be the same without Moseley, but at least it's different in a good way.
    We hope you two get better soon.

  20. Congratulations...T-Rex looks like a wonderful new family member! The music room was a loving refuge for Moseley, and now it will be an exciting place for bird watching!

  21. Not many folks can say they got a T-Rex for Christmas! He is very sweet looking, I must say. We wish you and your entire fur family a very Happy New Year! All the best.

  22. 3 Terrierists? My, you are brave...hope you are Alpha dog.

    It's funny in a way, how a room that was off limits becomes a new room and the rest of the cat family get to enjoy it again. Moseley would be happy for that. That happened here after Sunny's library room was empty again. I was afraid Disco might spray in there as Sunny had or Disco would pee in the chair in there that I used as a "test" when rehabbing a kitty (he had "annointed" it first) but even my petsitters noticed everyone seems very relaxed and happier now.

    My heart still aches for him, but I know at least I gave him all the love I could for the months I had him back and that his life did not end sadly but with dignity.


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