Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night Fights

Welcome to the Best of Friday Night Fights!

Stay with us as we look back at the best shots from all the past fights!

This is the fight that started it all! The Two Tabby Tussle!

 The Big Boof Boys! Look at that stance and headlock!

The classic ending to the Big Boof Boys Fight was immortalized by Wendy at LOLSpot!

The first match between Foo-Foo and Yellow Boy! Another amazing headlock!

Twisty Girl's first match against Puff. I still wince when I look at that shoulder bitey!

...until Twisty broke free and flew over the gate.

Dairy King's famous blow to The Zen Master's face sending him into a fury.

Twisty Girl's Tyson bitey on The Zen Master. She had his head for lunch!

Yellow Boy's sure bet kick that totally missed Dairy King! Still - he had great form!

The rematch of Yellow and Foo-Foo that turned out to be all in fun!

Yellow Boy's attempt to take on Puff! Where there were alleged doping accusations.

And from last week that roar-like-a-lion ferocity of Puff with Twisty Girl.

And now, of course, a word from our sponsor...

Snafu says, "Skippy brand creamy peanut butter is nom, nom good! I love to lick the lid or the spoon. Nom!"

Well that's it folks! I hope you enjoyed The Best of Friday Night Fights and we hope you'll join us again next time. Feel free to look back on your own to see the fights from beginning to end, plus their sponsors.
~Lisa Co9T


  1. Fabulous! Loved the shots and commentary. I get lots of pics of the boys having their own version of Friday Night Fights, but definitely am not creative and witty enough to come up with the commentary!

  2. We totally love the fight photos! Great shots

  3. Not sure if my last comment go through so,
    Great commentaries on each fight. Lovely photos. I feel like I was there watching in person.

  4. Our favourite is is the one of the Big Boof Boys going at it. Awesome!

  5. In a world where everything on TV stinks, we can always count on lots of fun and entertainment at Friday Night Fights!

    ...we love the commentary about doping allegations! hehe!

    (Glogirly's cat)

  6. Too much fun!!!! I wanna teleport over to see the action in furperson!

  7. We love the FNFs too, can't wait for the next match. Y'all rest up and have a great weekend!!!

  8. We SO look forward to Fight Night at yer place! So much fun! And King loves Skippy so much he once got his head stuck in the jar!!!

  9. OMC! MOL hehehehe those are pawsome photos! Sisfur and I luvs to wrassle wif each other, its lots of fun.


  10. It's great to have a replay of all the greatest moments from Friday Night Wrestling. It's amazing how much different they look in a bigger size -- great photographic work, there!

    It's difficult to take action shots with a still camera. Kudos!

  11. Fabulous shots! What kind of camera are you using?

    Yukon seems to be in more than his fair proportion of these!

  12. We love Friday Night Fights so seeing The Best Of was terrific!!

  13. Great action shots, guys! They bring back memories of my own days in the ring.

    Max S.

  14. What FUN! Thanks for stopping by ... we hope you will come back - Im sure we will be back to see you

  15. We so love the Friday Night Fights. Great photos! Amazing action! The best Fight Night ever!

    And when we grow up, we want to be Friday Night Fighters.

  16. We were out of breath just watching you wrestle! Love the one shot of that orange pompom racing off!

  17. WOWZA! That was a lot of action! We yike your sponsor the best cause we ♥ peanut butter!

    We just swung over from Gracie's PAWty. Miss Camille Suzanne is out fur the evening with her darling Dante to celebrate his birthday with him.

  18. Oh that was very funny! This is way better than the WWF.

  19. Snafu is on the LOLSpot today (Saturday)!

  20. Hi

    What a great blog! The pics are amazing - very funny and great action too.

    Take care

  21. What a super collection of greatest could make a DVD and sell it out in the pet shop parking lots.


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