Friday, May 14, 2010

A Snafu Friday

Snafu loves the doggie backpack.

We use it to carry elder (stubborn) terriers on walks.

Maybe he is hinting that he'd like to come along with us on our outings?

Wouldn't it be fun to take Snafu along?

He fits inside perfectly!


Maybe not a good idea...

We are talking Snafu...

See ya later, Snaf!
(What was I thinking?)

This most holy terror was once an adorable kitten!
Please check out his face-off against Ronny of Forever Foster at Misha's Kitty Fight Club quarter-final match TODAY and VOTE for the cutest (not the nicest)!

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Well it sure looks like a handy carrier, and going owt on owtings wud be nice!

  2. Awwww Snafu!!
    It's nicer and cosier inside than out!

    Take care

  3. How about a stroller like Daisy has? Mom keeps saying she will get one for me, but she never does. She would like to first be able to find out if I liked it before making the investment.

  4. How sweet. I'd rather have the stroller, too.

  5. Snafu, ask for a stroller! or a leash and harness, like i have.

  6. Hmmm, Snafu unleashed (not literally) on an unsuspecting human populace....We're running to hide under the bed! That's a scary thought! MOL!

  7. Our tabby cat, Henry, agrees with Attie Cattie...Snafu needs a harness and a leash so he can go for walks with you!
    From time to time, I do see dogs riding along on their owners backs in backpacks and I think it is so adorable, especially if the dog has health issues and cannot walk too far!

  8. Aw, take Snafu with you!

    We voted. Snafu is a "she" according to Misha. Is Snafu leading a double life? (MOL!) Good luck Snafu!

  9. Take him on a "trial" walk. maybe he'll behave! We went and voted! Good luck and have a happy weekend!

  10. You are such a handsome dude, Snafu....and we think you should get to go for a "ride" in that backpack!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  11. Adorable photo shoot of Snafu; it looks like the purrfect napping spot=he really looks happy there!...Have a fun weekend friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. I think it was made for you Snafu!!

  13. Snafu on a walk puts Mommy in mind of a teenager with a brand new driver's out!

    That boy is a Feline Tornado.

  14. I always thought it would be fun to take the cats out on walks - but I know it would just not end well! And with Snafu, well, yeah, not gonna end well with him either!

  15. Aww Snafu we think you would make the walk "interesting"!



  16. If you took him along, it would be one more opportunity for him to get himself in trouble!!

  17. I love backpacks too Snafu...that is if my mom would get her junk out of hers...

  18. yep, thought of it this end too, but will have to wait to my boys are elderly and less likely/able to run for it.. Loved the shots. Helen x

  19. We think ya out ta at least try it once. Just mebbe around the yard at first so ya are close to home iffen it doesnt work out good!

  20. Thanks for your comment re. BWO. I hope you're not chucking the blog altogether, Lisa, as (selfishly) I (among many others) would would miss you and the furry crew. Still, sometimes life's real concerns get in the way of play.

    For myself, posting a few times a week on the Fuzzy Tales blog should be okay--I'll see how it goes. I'm going to try Mon/Wed/Fri for the next couple of weeks. And will have to accept that I just can't keep up with everyone's new posts, on a daily basis, will have to pare that down to the blogs I particularly enjoy, ones that resonate with me.

    Lots of hugs and Light to you all, and I appreciate all the effort you've put into this blog, as well as all the comments you've made on Fuzzy Tales.


  21. An outing with Snafu in the backpack would be great. But Snafu has big claws and the material looks not impenetrable, so it boils down to one big question: do you feel lucky?

  22. I like backpacks as much as the next cat, or like Snafu, but I would not want to leave my house!

  23. It definitely looks like Snafu wants to go on the walks with you!!
    He fits purrrfectly! What a great carrier, they would be great for us too because we don't like walking on the leash! mawhawhaw!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  24. MOL hehehe I bets it would be lots of fun to goes along you finks?


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