Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday in the Garden

Guess What?
We are members of the Society of Feline Gardeners, but until this post we have only been dreamers of gardens.

I thought it was about time we did a gardening post.

So here is Wizard lounging around inside the cat enclosure
- the kitty garden, sorta.

Nick and Penny have found something interesting that caught their attention.
Nick is under the ramp.

Snafu in full ruff - always looking directly at you.

This is the full shot of them all.

You can see we have a bumper crop of dandilions this season, some plantain and crabgrass too.
This kitty garden was totally rearranged and trimmed back this past weekend by DP. The shot above is still in winter mode, but now it looks much neater with wider spaces to romp.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our kitty garden/cat enclosure.

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Your "garden" looks like a great place for you all to hang out!!

  2. What a great idea for a kitty hangout! I would love to have a kitty garden enclosure but I'm afraid Henry (who loves to go where he pleases) would not want to stay inside the enclosure and our Buster would meow for me to take him indoors. Your kitties are lucky to have such a wonderful place to sun themselves!

  3. You all have a great place to hang out and chase bugs and butterflies! Wonderful!

  4. you kitties have a wonderful kitty garden!!! Lots of fun things to explore.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Thank you for showing us around your garden. It's always fu n to admire other kitties' patches!

    The Chans

  6. Oh please tell us more about how your folks made your kitty garden enclosure. I want one too!

  7. Yes you've got a fine crop of dandys there!

  8. You really have lots of romping room!

  9. Excellent crop of dandelions! Hey, they are flowers too!

  10. What a super groovy kittie garden!!! We love Dandy~Lions!

  11. OMC! You so lucky to has a garden to romp arounds in! I is so jealous now.


    I hopes you stops by to sees Snafu in my post today.

  12. Ya'll are growin' some might fine Cats, there! Yup, mighty fine.

  13. It's great to see you guys join in on the gardening fun. I must say I can certainly identify with the dandelions, plantains (I hate those spiky things) and crabgrass. Kitties sure don't seem to mind, though, do they.

    They just enjoy the fresh air and the sun. To them it's kitty heaven!

  14. That's a real nice garden you have there. :) And what a nice sunny day for you all to enjoy it!

  15. You cats look like you are really enjoying yourself in the garden. It's nice to be able to go out and enjoy the sun.

  16. Excellent kitty garden!! the important thing is that gorgeous Snafu, Wizard, Nick and Penny totally approve!

    take care

  17. Your garden looks like a fun kitty hangout...We can tell Snafu is a naughty kitty with integrity by the way he looks you in the eye!!MOL...Happy day sweeties...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  18. We'd love to hang out with you in your garden!


  19. Your enclosure looks splendid :) We're so jealous..!

    Kenzo & Azreen

  20. A "poaching shovel" is the best way ta dig out the dandy lion weeds!

  21. I love a fresh crop of Dandelions!!

  22. Sorry for being so late to your garden post. Mom was not helpful AT ALL this week...that dreaded four letter word..."work".

    So I am totally impressed with your beautiful dandelions. They remind me of daisies!!! Keep up the awesome work my furriends.

    xoxo Jonesie


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