Friday, March 18, 2011

A Diet

There has been a big change around here!

We used to free feed kibble and 
give canned wet food as a treat now and then.

But then it all changed.
[da, da, da, dummm]

Wizard is wondering what all the feeders are doing out here in the kitchen...empty!?

We took away all the feeders...

and ignored all the protests and unhappy stares....

And why did we do this...?

Some kitties didn't know when enough was enough!

Yukon gained 3 whole pounds in one year!
He weighed in a 17 pounds and even though we know a lot of kitties who weigh more than that, 
Yukon is a very compact guy and couldn't hold all that weight. Plus there was no sign of him stopping.
Plus, plus Owen was heading in the same direction.

So now we feed kibble two or three times a day and wet food once every day.

Here is everyone (and I mean all eight of them) 
waiting for me to come through the door with bowls of stinky goodness!

Nom, nom, nom, nom!

Of course we also feed them Taste of the Wild, Canyon River Feline as part of their daily kibble. Did you catch our review post of Taste of the Wild? They are offering a giveaway prize package and all you need to do is comment on the post and say you want a chance at the prize! The contest closes today at Midnight EST.

~Lisa Co9T


  1. #1 here. I red this with great interest as I suspect similar changes will have to be made here. The problem is that we have one increasingly round kitty (Sei-Chan) and one who is really very slim (Bibi-Chan) so accommodating their different needs will be a challenge!

  2. MOL for the protests photo ! Begging with 6 laser eyes : ) Human always said " for your good health " but I found this is CRUEL !!!!

    But my mom feed me less than your mom.
    Dried food morning and night ( twice )
    Wet food ( Once : The VET told dad WET FOOD MUST FEED FOR DINNER ONLY ) Don't know why but my human done that.

  3. Now around here my humans an ignore one cat waiting to be fed, but there is no way to ignore that crowd!!! How cute. And I love that belleh!

  4. Mean, mean, mean Mom. Yep. That is what we think and we think that you and our Mom are in the same club since our Mom won't leave us free food either!! What is with this rationing? Do we not deserve to be happy at any and every moment of the day?? Do you not love us?? I am a slim slim that I think I am melting and unloved...and no one cares....oh, please give me back that big dish of dry food!!! Please!!! I send extra purrs, if that helps. Lautrec (and Tiny and ElDawgO) P.S. I'm really impressed that you are able to resist the stares of 8 pairs of cat eyes...surely their lasers must be burning holes through are one tough Mamma. Ours caves in sometimes to just the two of us...she's a softie. hahaha!

  5. Wonderful! Love all those eyes looking. Wonderful tummy picture with the pointers pointing to the belly.

  6. I hope nobody takes away my dry food. I will be very unhappy.

  7. that is a big change... and I love the looks of protest :) but good for you. I always suggest meal feedings in multiple cat households so you know immediately when someone is off their food.

    If you are serious about a diet though, check out and her section on obesity. It is run by a vet who studies feline nutrition.

  8. We get mostly wet foods because mom read that there is more calories in dry foods. Plus she wants us to have the added moisture. So we get wet foods 2 times a day and a little dry foods after we finish our wet. No free feeding for us either! We hope your new diet works for you!!

  9. We are trying that here too. Though while we don't like the cut backs on the dry foods, we didn't normally get the gooshy food, so this change might rank up there as a good thing....

  10. Some kittehs just do not know when to stop! If I let mine free feed, I would have three bowling balls. I know cats act like they ALWAYS need food, but twice a day is actually optimum.

  11. Diet is a four letter word to a cat....good luck to the humans as they try to put you all on a diet.
    I get 1/3 cup of kibble in the morning and at night and mom divides a can of Fancy Feast in to 6 parts.
    I get one of those in the morning and night....and boy do I look forward to it

  12. Oh I so hope my Dad doesn't read thins and get any ideas! Have a great weekend everyone!

  13. You guys need to band together and overthrow those feeders!!

  14. Our bean is going to change us too, one of us I won't say who ( Snip) wieghs 18.6 pounds and looks like a bowling ball with legs! Bean has been reading about maladies in cats connected to dry food anyway. We are carnivores in the wild, we hunt, when we find something we eat, we don't have bowls of kibble sitting around to munch on all day. And even though cats don't seem to eat much at a time, the carbs are horrendous and cause IBS, diabetes and many other illnesses. So our bowls will be getting picked up in the future as well and it will be canned mixed with raw and some kibbles for treats. Our bean applauds you, ( even though we aren't really happy about it!).

  15. Mom puts one 1C of kibble for us (all 5 of us) per day and then she feeds us 3 cans of wet in the morning and 3 at night. But there are two of us that still seem to be gaining ... and the rest of us are purrfect weight...



  16. We stopped having dried food about a year ago and have wet food mornings and night times because Eric needed to lose weight. He was 23lbs and the last time mum weighed him, he was down to 19 1/2lbs. We sometimes get a few bits of kibble as a treat.

  17. those faces sure did look upset! When they were waiting for food near the bottom they looked like they had a protest line going!

    Cody has a weight problem too. He is slightly over 12 lbs (he should be about 10 lbs)....he eats 1/3 of a can of wet food in the morning, a little kibble at lunch, another 1/3 of a can of wet for dinner and 1/4 cup of kibble before bed. He never gets to free-feed. My Angel Bobo used to be free-fed because he knew how to stop....Cody would NEVER stop if food were available to him all day

  18. I totally understand about the big belly problem. This is quite a radical change you are making, and kitties don't like changes in their routine. Ultimately, though, the change becomes their new routine and they adapt just fine.

    So far, I've just cut out 'treats' entirely. It got to where all my cats wanted to eat were the treats and they demanded them constantly. We've also gone totally grain free on the kibble. There is quite a good selection out there now. We don't get the food you reviewed, in Canada.

    Also, I used one of these pictures on the LOLSpot, if you want to take a look.

  19. Alas, we know the feeling. Well I do annyway. The never-ending crunchie bowl went away before Iza and Marley arrived here. LC and I were very upset at first...


  20. hahaha we loved this post especially the shot of them all staring at you accusingly. Completely understand why you are taking this action. What a cat pack. Love Darcy, Bingley and Helen xxx


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