Monday, March 14, 2011

We are Wild!

We are wild

for Taste of the Wild, that is!

They have a new flavor called Canyon River Feline made with Salmon and Trout.

This is a special "grain-free" brand of kibble. 

And they make wet food with gravy too!

The folks at Taste of the Wild asked Cat of Nine Tales to try their new flavor with our crew and review it on our blog.

Snafu is just salivating at the chance to try it out!

He just can't wait for me to open these sample packages!

We mixed it in with their normal kibble to minimize digestive upset and almost everyone loved it. 
Canyon River Feline is the darkest kibble in their bowls.

Guess who was picking out only the dark ones???
Snafu! He really loves it!

When I asked two of my local pet supply store workers what they thought of Taste of the Wild, I was surprised that they both said they fed their cats this brand! 

Yes, this was a hit at our home and since the cost was comparable to what we buy now, we plan to make the switch.
There will be a lot of food changes going on around here, but we'll post about that later.

The fun folks at Taste of the Wild are giving away a prize package to one lucky commenter (US residents only - sorry)!!!

The package includes the Turbo Scratcher, 3 Sample packets of Canyon River Feline and a gift certificate to Harlo's Healthy Pets!

 Please leave a comment saying you want to be included in the random drawing for the prize package. I'll leave this open until Friday and announce the randomly chosen winner on Monday!! 

Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Good luck to whoever wins! Since I am in Australia, I can't enter :(

  2. Since Snafu seems to have had his tongue in the review, and from what you've written, and counting the "satisfied" looks on your cats' faces, it seems like this new flavor might be something "The Boys" here would like. At least the wet food.

    I'll have to check with our pet store to see if they carry it...or if they'll be able to get it.

    Thank you for letting us know about this.

  3. We are also beyond the cover area for the giveaway but Tommy has already been trying taste of the Wild Canine and loves it too!

  4. Andy saw "salmon" and said, "Sign me up for the drawing!!!"

    Wonderful pix!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Mmm those new noms look good. Sadly we cannot enter as we're in the UK.

  6. heh heh...we think Snafu is one smart kitty!

    Please enter us in the draw...that food looks dee-lish!!

  7. Hi all,
    Oh Taste of the Wild sounds yummy!!! Looks like everyone enjoyed it too.

  8. WE love a taste of the wild -- in fact we agree with Snafu we are crazy about it. So absolutely sign us up we would love to have more of it -- it's great stuff. It's sold at Pet Supermarkets and also at Tractor Supply Stores if anyone is interested. WE did check and PetsMart does not carry it. We are interested in trying out the wet. But we LOVE the salmon and trout kibble.


  9. I'm the same as Huffle, No chance for Food Smuggler !

  10. Jack says I must enter because he totally deserves this..

    I say congrats to who ever wins

  11. Ooh, we would LOVE to try Taste of the Wild. TBT says he has seen the canned around here but not the dry kibble!

  12. That sounds very delicious. We may have to move to the US!

  13. We reviewed the Canyon River Feline too and we love it!! We did a giveaway, so we won't enter yours. Good luck to all the others!!

  14. We would love to try Taste of the Wild Salmon and Trout! Our human went shopping a week ago and saw it at the feed store but they didn't have any big bags and it would have been too many green papers for enough small bags for 14 of us! But we'd love to try it as we had another flavor for a treat one time and we nommed it up in no time.
    The Kats of Happy Haven

  15. Oh boy, Mama switched our cats to this food a month ago and they love it!
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek

  16. We saw the give away on Cat Blogosphere.
    We eat Taste of the Wild all the time. Mum wanted us to go grain free and tried us on Wellness kibble. No takers. We were not happy. We'd sit at our full bowls, look at mum and meow. Mum went to the feed and grain and the owners said TOTW is what they feed their kitties. We really enjoy the. It. Of course, we'll always enjoy some Fancy Feast too.

  17. We'd love to try the Wild cat food. Our woofies got to try the dog type and they loved it.

  18. It looks so good that Herman is begging me to enter to get him a sample.

  19. Whew! I was almost too late to sign up. I'm so finicky with my food that my mom says she is willing to try almost anything to get me to eat.

  20. We would love to try that cat food. It looks and sounds yummy.

  21. We would like to enter! I love Taste of the Wild, but I've never tried this flavor. I've never seen their wet food...but I'd definitely like to try it!

  22. The Royals would love to be entered in the contest, please!
    Not only is Brutus a "Foodie", (in all ways!) Marigold would love a new turbo scratcher to it's demise!

    What good sport!
    Good luck to all, and thank you for hosting this product giveaway and the review!

    Rose and the Royals


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