Monday, April 11, 2011

Mancat Monday with Snafu

 Mancats Can Wear Pink Thongs!

Snafu has adopted wearing the thongs that Moseley wore.

The worst of his spraying is contained in a panty liner and he can still do everything he likes.

He can still pester and threaten the other kitties like he is doing here with Yukon.

He can still groom himself.

He can still kick himself.

He can still pace around the house and mark things.

Still able to leap off tables and counter tops.

Still able to nap by the woodstove.

But, most importantly to Snafu...

He is still able to KICK YOUR A**!

Friday we are taking Snafu to a Homeopathic Vet who works with behaviors. Even though he has his own room, takes Amitriptyline daily and we marinate in Feliway (three diffusers in our small mobile home), he still sprays and is very aggressive towards the other cats. It's like having a four year old we can not take our eyes off when he is out of his room. We look ahead and wonder how we are going to live like this for the next 15 or so years. We love him dearly and want him to feel secure and happy without drugging him and possibly causing long term damage to his organs. And we would like something that actually works. Your purrs would be appreciated.

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Milo and Alfie are sending purrs. Snafu is adorable but I can understand how his beahviour is worrying and problematic. The pink thong seems a neat solution and at least it stops the worst of the spraying problem. I think you are right to try and get to the root of the problem though ~ because he is still young and has many years ahead of him.


  2. Best of luck with the new vet; it's obvious you guys have done so much to try to help adorable Snafu, but I know his behavior ts troubling/worrisome on many levels...Great solution in the short term, but I hope you guys can solve the real problem behind his actions...Best of luck with your precious boy=he's very lucky to have parents that love him so deeply and care for him so well...hugs...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Those things look very mancatly indeed but we would prefer the underlying problem to be solved, so we are sending lots of purrs. We imagine that you have tried Rescue Remedy? In Europe, there is also a milk-based stress reducer called Zylkene. Let us know if you would like to try it out and we can send you some.

  4. Purrs and paws crossed that a resolution can be found, not just a "bandaid," as good as that thong is. (And the meds, etc.)

    He IS lucky to have you, many humans would have given up on him by now.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  5. Oh I hope that your new vet will have something for Snafu..

    Have you considered contacting an animal communicator? I've used two different ones. Personally I have not used it for behavior issues, I know a few people who have.

  6. We are sending purrs to your family. 2 out of 8 of my cats have the same problem 1 is tabby and another 1 is tom cat.

    joanne, jane, jill, johnny, jay boy, jasmine, capu & boyfriend from singapore

  7. Where was his neuter done? Could have it possibly have been incomplete meaning that he has a retained testicle? There are occasions where the testicle is undescended. If his neuter was done at the local animal control they might have accidentally overlooked this because when they do the surgeries they do so many and do them so quickly. Also if it is cryptorchidism, it requires a more extensive surgery than a lot of the spay and neuter clinics offer. Or the vet may have had good reason, at the time, to believe the second testicle was never developed. I have never had this mancat problem but an associate has. A second surgery was needed to remove retained tissue. (Ihave a female who had an incomplete spay). If your vet neutered you kitty, have him go back and read her op report to see of there were def two removed )

  8. Momma needs one of those thongs for Ping...
    WE all understand about spraying.


  9. Awww! It makes me guilty for finding this post humourous, when I read that last part.

    I have enjoyed your posts about Snafu and his wicked ways, but I'm sure in reality it's not so cute -- especially when it's non-stop!

    We hope you find something that will truly help. He may have some kind of PURRsonality disorder, though, and that might require medication of some sort.

    It's no good if Snafu's happy and everyone else is so miserable.

    He does look good in pink, though.

  10. Snafu, that is quite the fashion statement you are making!

    Let me know how it goes with the new vet. I have a major problem here with intercat agression with Zoey. She doesn't spray but she has to be kept separated from Wally. I have been working with a veterinarian behaviorist for awhile now. Zoey is on medication (several) and while it is not the most ideal situation, I don't know what else to do. And I do worry about what the meds are doing to her.

    Good luck!

    Island Cats' mom

  11. My goodness...what a situation!

  12. Best wishes for success. The pink looks pretty with his gray fur.

  13. Purrs they find an answer. I was surprised by Kari's answer, something to consider.

  14. Wow, we hope you can find some help with this. I was peeing on the guest bed and my Moms tried Feliway, but we really don't think it works very well for us. They used Bach's Rescue Remedy in my food for a bit and stopped giving me access to the guest room when I was home with no human supervision. I haven't peed anywhere I shouldn't in quite awhile. Peeing is different than spraying of course. Good luck Snafu! (and Snafu's humans too!)

  15. We have used both a behaviorist and 2 different animal communicators. We have not really focused on the communicators for the major behavioral issues, the behaviorist was super helpful for that. We've enjoyed the communicators to help us understand rescue issues and to help us get closer to our family.

  16. I commented on your other blog but Kari reminded me of the girl cat I brought to work to have spayed many years ago and was called and asked after she was taken into surgery if I was sure I wanted her spayed? I said yes and they laughed and told me I had a male cat with undescended testicles so they were going to neuter him instead, If they retain one, cryptorchid, they will continue to manifest as a fully intact male. Spraying, aggressiveness, sometimes jumping on anothers back like they're trying to mate and bite. But I see other people have also had luck with using the Rescue Remedy. I will be praying for a solution Friday for Snafu and you and your DP!

  17. Wow, as the person with Ayla the-twice-spayed-cat (who still goes into heat), I can understand...

    You may want to contact a Board-Certified Feline Surgeon for consultation.

    The Big Thing


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