Friday, June 20, 2014

Cat Shelves? We Got 'em!

Since Marshwood Cottage is, well, a cottage, it is quaintly small and feline real estate comes at a premium. DP, being very creative and handy with a screwdriver and level, took advantage of the vertical interior landscape and built several cat shelves.

These are located in our den and required an alternate escape route.

These shelves are directly above my workstation to try to curb cat crossings directly on my laptop...still working on that.

The highest shelf on each set is a bed and a coveted spot indeed, especially for lording it over your enemies.

...or just relaxing in relative safety.

They are a great spot for snoopervizing the Mama.

But there can be traffic jams to contend with.

Yukon enjoys just hanging out with a friend!

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  1. Those are fantastic! I'm openly envious of people who have handy partners/friends/family members. :-)

  2. Those are fantastic shelves- I better not let my kitties see them or they will be jealous.

  3. We'd love some shelves like that but Mum is rubbish at woodwork and stuff.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. I love them!! One of these days I'm actually going to do that..

  5. Those shelves are really awesome! Although I get the feeling they won't COMPLETELY replace the laptop route!

  6. What great shelves. Lovely photo of Yukon and Owen sharing one.

  7. You'll need to get helicopter traffic reports! Those shelves are fantastic.

  8. Awesome job! The shelves look great. Your house can't be that small if you have a den. Lucky you! We peed on the wall on which our shelves were attached. Big mess here.

  9. OMC! We have been BEGGING fer those shelves!


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