Monday, June 30, 2014

Snafu's Safety Zone

When searching for a house, we looked for one with at least two bedrooms, since Snafu needs his own room.

It's his safety zone and other cats are not allowed in (well, except Owen, who is the only kitty Snafu likes)!

Most mornings Snafu comes out to be with me while all the other kitties snooze in the other bedroom. 
I coax them in with cat treats, and those do not comply, get carried in. Generally they settle down pretty quickly.

Snafu share's his space with the kitty litter center (it's a Lucky Champ system),

and the laundry.

But he has plenty of options for snoozing and has two windows.

Humans are welcome anytime!

Thanks for stopping by!
~Lisa and Snafu


  1. Awww beautiful Snafu!! Enjoy your lovely space! Take care

  2. Hi Snafu! We remember all the difficulties you had with him in the past. We're glad there's now a workable solution for him. :-)

  3. How clever of you Snafu - you've got that window all to yourself!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. I actually think it is pretty cool you have managed to get special treatment, Snafu!

  5. Sounds like you got a good deal Snafu, getting a room all to yourself.


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