Friday, June 27, 2014

Fu and Yu: The Block

Yukon is large and in charge not letting Snafu leave his room by sitting in the doorway.

A classic example of blocking. 

At the beginning of the video Snafu is appealing to me for help (which I do quite often), but I'm busy doing other things (like videoing the whole scenario!).

I love the 'I'm not looking at you' head turns.

Look for when Yukon decides to let Snafu out, and his little "hop" turn. It's like he's saying "Yeah, that's good enough. My work is done here."

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  1. I do a little blocking here. The mom doesn't like when I do it. But I need to let those other cats know I'm in charge! ~Ernie

  2. What a good boy you are, Snafu!

  3. Snafu you'll have to get brave and counter-block Yukon in the doorway.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. After Yukon left, it looks like Snafu wasn't sure if that was a trick!

  5. Poor Snafu. He's a really such a good cat to tolerate all of these little games.
    My mum and dad had a Himalayan cat who used to lay at the top of their staircase and look down at the standard poodle. The poodle would cry and need to be "rescued" by my dad who would then escort the dog upstairs past the intimidating cat.
    Special kisses and head rubs for Snafu from all of us.

  6. Oh I LOVE blocking doorways. I consider it a sporting event. ~ IZA


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