Monday, October 20, 2014


If we could find the perfect forever home for Joseph, it would be at the end of a country road.

On a rolling farm.

With a friendly pony

and friendly cows

surrounded by beautiful fields 
(oh, heck, let's make it blueberry fields since we are in Maine)

and to feel safe in the arms of a warm and loving guardian.

Welcome to your forever home, Joseph!

We couldn't be more pleased to announce that 
Joseph was adopted on Sunday!

Being the brave risk taker he is, Joseph took out to explore his new home right away,

and found everything in perfect order!

Joseph came to us looking tired and bedraggled only two short months ago.

He healed, ate, slept, sunned and filled out into a gorgeous boy.

We are grateful for the many people who donated to help Joseph including Kari, Betty, Gail, Trish and Caren!!

For those of you who want to know why we couldn't keep Joseph, please keep reading below....

Otherwise, thanks for stopping by!


Why we couldn't keep Joseph:

Many of you have given us wonderful advice on how to integrate a kitty who doesn't like other cats into a multicat household. Under different circumstances we would love to take on a project like that. However, my beloved boy, Snafu (who is growing more deaf each year) has anxiety and social issues, which have been heightened due to the unfamiliar smell of new cat on everything and especially on me. Snafu's demeanor has changed and I'm working with him medically and behaviorally to resolve the change (I hope after Joseph's smell is gone, he'll come back to himself). Since Snafu has the only other room in our cottage, there wasn't a place to separate Joseph out.

Also, we have two elderly special needs dogs that need a lot of our attention. Cooper is mostly blind and deaf as well as senile, and Buzz is living with cancer (lymphoma). So we could not add more stress factors into our  household.

We are looking forward to winter coming, slowing down and becoming more contemplative.

Thanks for reading our blog! Peace to you!


  1. Oh that is so great Joseph found a great home. I so understand how hard and sometimes impossible to fit a cat into a group that doesn't like other cats. It is really hard to do. We sure think you did the right thing finding him a home. All your other animals will be very happy. Take care.

  2. Oh I think and hope that Joseph found the best and happiest place. Bless you for knowing the needs of your babies and finding Joseph a place where he will be happy and loved.

  3. We are delighted that Joseph had found a new forever home and is happy there.
    Thank you for taking care of him and showing him love.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. What wonderful news!!! Have a wonderful life in your forever home, Joseph!


  5. Didn't Joseph turn into one handsome mancat!!

    We're s glad he found a forever home where he'll be loved and can explore, too.

    Thanks for the update!!

  6. We are SO happy that Joseph has found his furever home. It sounds purrfect!!

  7. This is wonderful news, we're so glad Joseph found his forever home. Kudos to you for taking him in and caring for him and getting him adopted. :-)

  8. Sounds like a wonderful new home for Joseph. So glad he found you and that you were able to find him his new home!

  9. We are so glad that Joseph found such a wonderful home of his own, and we want to thank you for helping him while he was waiting for the purrfect home to come along.

  10. Congratulations to Joseph's new people.. they were blessed to have everything you could wish for for Joseph, and now they have the Joseph too :) May they have many happy wonderful years together.

    Do not feel bad for not keeping him, your first responsibility is to the kitties and woofies you did agree to take in. You did what you could and you helped.. that is awesome.

  11. My human is so happy for Joseph, she is practically crying! I am happy too - a big congratulations to you, handsome Joseph, for finding your dream home!

  12. That is wonderful news that you found Joseph a loving home.

  13. We are crying! Answered prayers for Joseph. We give praise and thanks to The Lord. We thank you both for taking care of him and giving him love . But more than that, we thank you for for doing what was right rather than what was easy. God will bless you.
    Joseph will be an inside kitty, won't he?

  14. As usual you have found a forever home for a furry friend. Thank god for people like you.

  15. This is simply WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for persevering and finding Joseph an idyllic forever home.

  16. Ohhh I am soooooooooooo happy that Joseph found a WONDERFUL furever home!!! He is such a handsome mancat! He looks just like Mr.Puddy (from another blog)...this was the best news and on my birthday no less! Thanks for your greeting! xoxo

  17. Hurray for a wonderful new home for Joseph, he's a lucky lad.

    You were so kind to take him in and sort him out, you rock!



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