Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whiskers of a Tuxie on Wednesday

Look at Joseph's beautiful whiskers!

Well, today is October 1st and we had an appointment to bring Joseph to Pal's No-Kill Cat Shelter.

We couldn't do it.

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the shelter and was amazed at how many cats they had living peacefully in one huge cat room. They have an outdoor enclosure and a special room for peers and cats with special issues. A young woman was there just to snuggle and be with the cats and another woman helped me by answering a ton of questions. While I am grateful this shelter is doing everything they can to make these kitties happy and get them adopted, I felt it had to be a last resort for Joseph.

Joseph's spirit would not thrive within the accommodations for cats who do not like other cats. Two cats fell into this category, and they were in 24 x 20 metal crates. One was a tuxedo male. They did have clean litter, food, water and a nice bed.

Joseph currently lives in our workshop and is visited 4 times a day.

Above is a picture of the workshop with Joseph in the window. It was taken as I was coming back from taking the dogs for a woods walk.

Say hello!

Here is his view out the window (with his own bird feeder).

Inside, he is so happy to have visitors.

We play for a couple of minutes and he shows off his climbing skills by going up to the loft.

He has his own special room where we secure him in at night.

It has his food and water up on a shelf with a special drawer bed stuffed with old down jackets.

But Joseph's taken to sleeping in his chair with an old down sleeping bag draped over it.

About an hour or so of each day, he gets transported to the cat enclosure for time outside (he's always talking).

He loves to use our shoes as a scratching post (in a friendly way).

Many people have assured us that cats will do well outside in the winter as long as they have good bedding (ie. down jackets and sleeping bag).

Joseph is doing well with our accommodations, but he still would like to be with people, so we continue our search for his forever home.

Here is a fun video of Joseph walking the rafters while we play.

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  1. Joseph is a stunning tuxie fella. His workshop looks very comfy and safe. I think he has worked his way right into your hearts and it was definitely the right decision to keep him where he is for now.

    Sometimes a cat who doesn't like other cats, will in time start to like them, if they get a safe opportunity to see, hear, smell others. We've used internal screen doors for this at home many times, and with patience, it often works. But I know this can be very demanding and time consuming and isn't for every cat.

    Best of luck Joseph, you are a great cat and I hope you find a wonderful forever home very soon

    & The Ape xx

  2. Joseph is a lovely cat and we can see he loves to play with you. It's great that he can get outside too and when (I can't say the word if) he finds his forever home we're sure he would be a marvellous companion to someone.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Joseph you look pretty happy where you are. All the kitties of Marshwood Cottage won the giveaway at 15andmeowing- please email me your address to

  4. Joseph, you have the best mancat cave we've ever seen! Our mom would love to come play with you.

  5. We're glad to hear you've decided to keep Joseph until a home is found for him.

    Y'know, our Zoey is kept separate from us most of the time (in a bedroom with a screen in door) and she does fine. We know Joseph will do well in the workshop. We wish we had a workshop here!

  6. Oh, Joseph, you are sooooo handsome! Tuxies rule, ya know! What a fun place you have to play in. I hope you get a furever home very very soon. Or have you already? Hmmmm.

  7. I can totally see why you couldn't take Joseph to the rescue, no matter how nice it is. He loves where he is now, and he loves you, and I think you have a really nice setup for him there for now. I'm purring for him to find a permanent home.

  8. We are purring that Joseph finds a forever home!

  9. Joseph is very handsome. He looks very happy in the workshop and I am glad you are able to keep him there until a home is found for him.

  10. Could you use the screen door method in your home until Joseph becomes more comfortable around other cats. I have received several cats who were " needs to be only cat" and now are fine with others. I've done the screen door method several times and have had success. Others have not. Perhaps he could be a day kitty at the shelter, on occasion. That way he could have additional interaction and be seen by prospective adopters. In my heart of hearts I believe he will adapt to your other cats if given a chance. I really do.


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