Saturday, October 4, 2014

Autumn in Maine

We picked the last harvest

The finches are molting

Our firewood arrived

And MamaLindy stacked it away

The sunflowers have bowed their heads to Autumn

And what was once green

Shines bright with the season

Happy Autumn from Marshwood Cottage!

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  1. We are (as the Aussiekitties say) "Gobsmacked"!

  2. What a great harvest you gathered. Oh goodness what a lot of firewood but you'll be sure of keeping warm.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Your house and property are like a dream! The pumpkin says it all.
    Big smooch for Joseph.

  4. Autumn is so beautiful where you are! Out here it looks a lot like summer, only with more brown.

  5. Nice harvest. I love the pumkin- how did you get the word to grow on it? We will have zucchini for a few more days, but our plants are looking pretty bad. I am impressed that you stacked all that wood. I thought I had it bad stacking 40 pound bags of wood pellets.

  6. You have had a good harvest. Your wood is very neatly stacked. Ours is in one end of the hay barn and mum started to stack it neatly. Dad chopped some more and just chucked it in. Mum was not pleased.

  7. Beautiful! We love the colors of autumn.


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