Monday, November 3, 2014

A Happy Mancat

Joseph is content and happy!

His new guardian sent us this picture of him and gave us this update:

"Joseph is doing great. I think my little apartment feels like home to him and although I now leave the door to the downstairs open when I leave he rarely goes downstairs, however he does follow me when I go downstairs but often heads back upstairs before me. He talks to me a lot and plays all the time. His favorite plaything is still the red flyswatter. I have been feeding him freshly ground cat food made at Mainely Poultry and he loves it."  

"I've discovered he likes to catch houseflies. He has quite a talent for it. This morning there were wild turkeys outside in the storm and Joseph loved watching them. He enjoys all the windows and is frequently perched on a windowsill taking in the goings-on outside.

I love having him in my life."

So very heart warming to hear!

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  1. This is such great news. We're so glad Joseph is doing so well.

  2. We're so glad that Joseph has settled down well at his new Home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. What a terrific update! We hope Joseph has a long and happy life in his forever home. He certainly looks completely settled in!

  4. Thanks for the update on Joseph - I am so happy that he's happy! I love catching flies too.

  5. Wonderful news! We're thrilled to hear he's doing well. As well as being a good natured cat he's so beautiful!
    Very elegant! We still think of him with love.

  6. this brought tears to my eyes! Soooo incredibly happy for BOTH of them!!!! Thank you for sharing this great news with us!

  7. I love happy endings- I wish every kitty could have one.

  8. *sniff* Thank you for the news. *sniff* We are so happy for Joseph!
    *sniff* Tuxies Rule!

  9. That is such good news. Joseph looks very content and it sounds like he will have a very happy life in his new home.

  10. We are so happy to see an update on Joseph. What a contented kitty! He's living the good life, especially if he's getting Mainely Poultry :)


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