Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Cat Enclosure: Then and Now

When we lived at our other house, our cats were blessed to have an outdoor cat enclosure. DP is very good with handmade fences and fashioned a simple enclosure out of chicken wire and U-Posts. 

It was 7 foot tall and very flexible at the top, so that any cat who might have climbed up the chicken wire, soon found themselves falling back into the enclosure. No one ever escaped (except for that one time when BJ climbed over it, but then he got too fat and couldn't do it again, ha).

Part of our new house budget was going to include a professionally built cat enclosure by a company called Safe Kitty. We'd seen their vendor booth at cat shows in the past.

There was only one location outside our house that would work.

Candace and Mike, who own and operate Safe Kitty, are truly a hard working and lovely couple who own several special needs pets of their own. 
They made a special trip to our house to measure, measure and measure.  Then a couple of months later, they came back up with the pre-constructed ready made kit and spent the day with us assembling it.  
Although Candace and Mike delivered and set up our custom sized cat enclosure, they do ship their kits all over the US (check them out www.SafeKitty.com).

Fully complete!

My favorite part is being able to go inside with them.

A window with a ramp offers three modes of getting down.

 The bottom has open grass, as well as a gravel area to do business. Of course they don't restrict themselves to do business just on the gravel.

They have a great view of the open lawn to watch us, the dogs play,

or watch the birds at feeders surrounding them!

Winter was challenging...

But they still went outside on sunny days!

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  1. I envy you that catio! I wish we had something like that.

  2. OMC! We love that enclosure! We wish we had one. Oh, mom.....

  3. Now that is a wonderful place to play, nap, nom or just chill out.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. That's a terrific enclosure, absolutely love it. I had a handyman do an addition on my townhouse back space fence to keep Nicki in, he used Palfruf sheeting (greenhouse roofing -- the clear corrugated plastic stuff) which has worked very well, as Nicki can't climb it. However, it doesn't keep the roaming neighbourhood cats from jumping up and walking around the top of the fence, which drives Nicki (and me) crazy. :-/

  5. Awesome! We would love to come visit for a few days this summer to check it out ourselves.

  6. that is a wonderful enclosure! awesome!

  7. That is a lovely enclosure for them to spend lots of time relaxing in the fresh air. The people at Safe Kitty made a lovely job of it.

  8. Oh WOW! That's an awesome cat enclosure! We'd love to have one of those some day. :)

  9. That is a fabulous catio! I know each of the cats absolutely love it!!!

  10. Awesome! We live in an apartment building, so we can't have a catio. But the open windows (when it is warm enough) are enough for me. Enjoy!

  11. It's pawsome! We looked at their site before building ours.

    We love that you kittehz have some grassy area. Right now, we have all cement floor, but Mommy hopes to get some grass growing in a large tub.

    Enjoy, kittehz!

  12. However much or little, out is OUT and that is good!


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