Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Night Fights

Two Tabby Tussle

In this round we see BJ's experience and guile has Yukon laid to the mat.

OH!     Then Yukon's massive strength and unanticipated speed propel him up with a blow back against BJ, despite his left paw sight blocking manuver.

A flip... and OH! He's on the ground! BJ is on the ground and Yukon has the upper hand.

Yukon has won the round in a single manuver. There is nothing left to do now, but roll over and sit down. It's over folks. It's all over.

And now a word from our sponsor...

Sir Wizard of Dairy says Friskies Classic Pate is nom, nom good! Buy it. Eat it. Throw it up! Nom!

Well Folks! Thank you for joining us for the Two Tabby Tussle. Please join us again next week for Friday Night Fights!


  1. Brilliant post! We love wrestling and we shall listen to the sponser's wise words!

  2. Woohoo! We love wrestling! Great match! Woohoo!

  3. We just love a good wrasslin match!!

  4. Miss Camille Suzanne is of the eat it and then throw it up gang! Happy to see more members.

    Momma is gonna date herself - she remembers the Friday Night Fights cuz her dadda used to watch dem!

  5. Good fight - you two have all the moves!

  6. *crash*
    *woo hoo*
    More more more!

  7. That is like an all tabby version of the fights in our house. Barney and Virgil love to get a good fight in when they have the chance!

  8. It's the WWF for Felines (WWFF)! I'd rather watch these two cuties over those crazy obnoxious wrestling guys any day of the week!

    Looks like mom has a future in sports announcing as well.

  9. That was a GREAT wrasslin match!

    Come visit us, we haf an awardie fer ya at:

  10. Way to go, that wore me out just watching!!! Nap time, oh wait, where did ya hide the pate???

  11. We love a good wrasslin' match!

  12. Whew, what a fight! Yukon's a tough customer.

    Oh, darn those commercials -- where's my remote?


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