Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Night Fights - Big Boof Boys

Big Boof Boys

It all started innocently enough.

Then whoosh! Yukon puts Angus in a headlock. Look at that stance! He's holding on good.

What a bizarre move, Yukon walks on tippy toes, attempting another angle of dominence.

Oh! Yukon! Wrong move! Angus catches him off balance, and takes him down!

Angus immediately pins Yukon to the mat, as he struggles with mere bunny kicks!
It's plain to see that Angus has won this round!

And just for good measure, Angus holds Yukon in place with the humiliating paw-on-head gesture. You're brutal Angus, just brutal!

And now a word from our sponsor....

Owen says Twizzlers are nom, nom good! Buy them! Lick on them! But don't chew them up! Nom!

Thank you once again folks, for joining us in another round of Friday Night Fights at Cat of Nine Tales!


  1. What a GREAT version of the Friday Night Fights! Wonderful photos, especially the 'word from our sponsor!' LOVE IT!

  2. That is really an excellent series of photos - congratulations to the photographer! Friday Night Fights is a fun event!

  3. Frank Bruno.. eat your heart out! Thanks for visiting my blog, lovely to hear from you... and to now have the chance to visit you too... Lovely. Helen, D&B

  4. Hey, Boys...and your mewmie,

    Thanks for stopping by our bloggie and admirin' our pix! You guys are WWF Champeens!

  5. It always starts innocently here too, then it turns into a big 'ol wrasslin' match!

    We've never tried twizzlers before, nom!

  6. haha! Funny fights, and good photos to show it! We hope the winner accepted gracefully (other than that paw-on-the-head shot...).

    Hey, our Sassy has a girlcat award for Miss Penny on our bloggie today, be sure and stop by to see it! :)

    And thank you for stopping by my Gotcha Day party yesterday!! :D

    Purrs and hugs,

  7. Oh noes! Not the dreaded Paw-on-Head maneuver!

  8. Looks like Angus started out as the "undercat" and came up the winner in that one! Yes, the pat on the head is a little condescending!

    Now that's a first! I've never heard of a kitty who liked Twizzlers, before! Some cats will eat anything!!!

  9. Way to go Angus! I love the pat on the head.

  10. Ok that picture of Angus with his paw on Yukons head is hilarious! Totally rubbing in his win!

  11. We love wrestling matches. Paddy wins most of them, until Briti has had enough and she shows her who's really queen of the house.

  12. * woo hoo *
    It's great to have ring side seats for FNF!!!


  13. Haha! We love a good wrasslin' match!

  14. I love this show~~ That paw on the head is too funny

  15. Great Friday Night Fight! The word from the sponsor is hilarious.


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