Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tock-tober Fest

Tocks, Tails, Toes and Musical Bowls!
It's Tock-tober Fest at Cat of Nine Tales!

Left to Right: Nick, Yukon, Snafu, Owen, Penny and Wizard's nose in the upper right.
Angus and BJ rarely care about such treats...and Moseley's in his room, he gets this good stuff all the time.

A special thank you to Wendy of Wendy's LOLSpot for featuring Cat of Nine Tales for two whole days! Wow! We feel humbly honored. We had many laughs and by the comments on her blog page, so did a lot of the CB.

I'm getting a new computer within the next day or so and hopefully I'll be able to step-up my blog creativity once I get the hang of it. Please keep coming back to visit us.


  1. That is such a great picture. And very impressive batch of tocks!

  2. When I saw this photo I just thought, tick TOCK, tick TOCK, tick TOCK, Great photo. And nice tocks for sure.
    I think there should be an award for the most tocks in one photos, I think your gang would win.

  3. Yes, there's a lot of 'tocking going on there! Such beautiful kitties from any angle!

    Yet another example of how well and truly they are spoiled, too! It's always a pleasure to see.

    I'm so happy you enjoyed your LOL-feature. It was a joy for me to do it. I really got to know your kitties better in the process, too! It's a win-win for everyone!

  4. Great picture! We play musical bowls here too!

  5. We love all the 'tocks and tails!

  6. Haha, we see Owen likes to taste from every bowl to see which has the best food.

  7. OMC! Dat is many tocks, pawsome picture!


  8. That is so cute seein all those kitties lined up eatin! Made us all hungry jus seein it...

  9. I LOVE this photo!!!
    They are doing a great job of sticking to their own dishes!

  10. This is a great photo - parade of tocks!

    We understand about the computer thing - we just got our new one yesterday (which didn't have everything with it of course) and have to get it set up just right so we can get to updating our blog too!


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