Saturday, October 24, 2009

Storytime: A Visit with Doctor Flowers

A visit with Doctor Flowers

A crate is just like any other box, only these have cozy little blankets in them.

It's all fun and games...for now.

Then the doors are latched shut. Da-da-da-dum!

Snafu was perfectly happy sharing a crate, but Owen begged to differ.
DP got a third crate out, opened this crate's door and Owen walked right over top Snafu, directly into the other crate.
Three cats in three crates. Simple as pie! Off we go!

Here already? It's only fifteen minutes away. Crates are fun, but moving vehicles...not so much.
All three kitties cried the entire time. It broke my heart for ten full minutes, then I finally got over it.

At Home Veterinary Care.
They make house calls in a big roving medical van with paw prints on it. It's mostly for farms.

We also brought two doggies, but hey, I'm a cat lady so I only took pictures of the cats. They wait patiently (and quietly now that they're not moving), while the dogs have their turn.

Yukon goes first.
"Wow! He's a beefcake!" was Dr Flowers remark when picking Yukon up and putting him on the scale.

Yikes! More than last year, but we changed to Science Diet weight control, so we think he is actually less now then he was a couple months ago. Really.

Hey it!
Dr Flowers checks his hoo-hoo, but luckily Yukon does not have any poo problems like a lot of tail-less kitties.

Teeth are checked - Dr Flowers says his breath isn't really bad and his teeth look good now. We've also added Friskies Dental Diet to the mix. Of course some kitties just pick out the Dental Diet and leave the Science Diet on the floor.

Zen Master Yukon's final thoughts?
It's all good, Dude! No worries, Man!
After we put him back in his crate, he meowed his protest throughout the rest of the visit.

Owen's turn! His weight was pushing it, at 11.3 pounds.

He had a "halo of gingivitis" around one tooth, but otherwise his exam went so well, I forgot to take more pictures. No poo issues either...good eyes and ears.

Then there's Snafu. Remember why we named him that?
Well, at least his weight was perfect at 8.4 pounds and his teeth "are beautiful!"

It was suggested we put him on Lyscene to boost his immune system, since he still catches everything the cat drags in. (ha)

He has scarring in his right ear from a bad ear infection last winter. He likely has only 70% hearing in it. His other ear had some wax build up they cleaned out for free.

Snafu was fine with all the poking and proding and just loves the attention of four humans fussing over him.

Owen looks triumphant that everyone returned home with good health!
Angus hissed at weird smelling Owen as he came out of his crate.

We did good! Slap me five, my bruva!


  1. Amazing how they all cooperate going in the crates. We won't be moved that easy. Good to reaed they are as healthy as they look. (Maybe Snafu will be healthier if he stops licking everybody in the vets office).

  2. That's so funny that Snafu actually seems to like the vet visit. Indy took Lyscene paste stuff (easy on his food or a shot in his mouth) for a long time a while back because he's perpetually sniffly, sometimes turning into infections. I don't know if it helped...but he hasn't gotten any worse for a while. Couldn't hurt.

  3. What a great play-by-play of the visit to Dr. Flowers. I love Owen's photo on the top of the heap!

    There's no fun at all associated with Katie's carrier. Even though it's khaki & red plaid...very cute...she has learned that no good can come from it.

    Thanks for sharing the day!

  4. Hi gang!!! I am glad your trip to the Vet was good!!It is not my favourite place to be! A new Vet opened up and it is closer to where we live! She also has a moving van(bought in the US,we live in Canada) I still do not like going to the Vet though,heehee
    I also want to thank you Mancats for coming to my bachelor party! It was just wonderful,thanks to my friends!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope to see you all at the wedding :)
    Purrs Mickey

  5. Glad everything went well at the V-E-T-S!

    We won't go in our crates for love nor money. The last time we did that we came back from the V-E-T-S after a long nap with parts missing!

  6. Ya licked the Vet Snafu?

  7. We don't like going to the v-e-t so much...Snafu, we can't believe you actually like going there! Glad you guys checked out okay!

  8. What a wonderful pictorial start to finish! Nothing like a successful vet visit. Now, I'm wondering did they all howl on the way home, too, or just on the way there? I know Dante will howl when going, but is perfectly silent on the trip home.

    I hope the vet didn't suggest you cut out the Moo-Crew milk sessions? Your kitties all look perfect sizes to me.

    By the way, Part One of your LOL-feature is up on the LOLSpot right now. I'm doing a Part Two tomorrow because I want to give fair billing to each of your pets. (I didn't know you had two dogs -- your blog only mentioned one.)

    I usually request that the featured blog post a link to the LOLSpot, just for the duration of the feature. I have already posted links to yours from mine. A simple one-liner link would do. My link is:

    Please visit and let me know what you think!

  9. That was a really nice visit. We are AAAAA-mazed that Yukon has no poo issues. Poor Abby, she has lots of pooish issues.


  10. You are so brave - 3 cats AND 2 dogs! For the howling you could try music - they say harp music is soothing for cats, but I have found that they will stop yeowling for a nice rockin' tune (we think it may drown out some of the travel noise that they hate). We have one that you can't get to stop to save your life though. We will be trying classical for our long vet trip this Friday. Yukon is about the same size as our kitty Lola - although he doesn't have nearly the pudge that she does. And Owen is just about the same as our kitty Kirzon. Snafu is closer to Barneys weight, but Barney is a kitten and very big for his age - Snafu is a little cutie to be full grown and that small! Again - very brave of you - we only tried three once and decided that the max we could handle is two at a time (although to be fair most of the time I have a very tiny car, unless I get a ride up there). The dogs must be pretty good natured to not be a handfull with the three kitties along - they must be very well behaved!

  11. Wow! You guys are really well-behaved on your vet visits! We're not sure if we're impressed or appalled! (Mom: IMPRESSED! VERY impressed!!)

  12. Snafu, we love our vet too! That's an awesome picture of you licking them. :) Glad everything went well with all of the visits.


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