Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Mission for Toys

Last week, we had a serious problem.

We were running low on toys.

But I knew just what to do.

Did we run down to our local pet store to engage in consumer spending?

Heck, no! 

I turned to the One True Source of all toys!

The Refrigerator!

In great humbleness, we lay ourselves upon the floor,
 and with the right tools...great treasures will be ours!

It just so happens we have the right tools and they are these...

1 yard stick - metal
1 flashlight - small with fresh batteries
1 back scratcher (for those tough to reach places)
and 1 vacuum cleaner

Are you coming?

We are going in....


A few minutes and a few helping paws later...

we've got this...

So that's where the cover to the feta went...


Isn't that miraculous?
Of course, I had help. You can tell that's Snafu by the ear hair behind his ears, but do you see Owen's paw?

After the dirt and dust bunnies were removed and each piece was lovingly vacuumed, I let Snafu take his pick...

That mouse had barely been touched before it found refuge under the fridge.

I give it three days....

And what did Owen choose?

This is his "milk ring." 
We only buy half gallons so its the plastic plug to the spout, but it's still a milk ring.

Anyway, mission accomplished!

Thanks for joining us!

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Excellent! Such treasures to be found if one only bothers to look for them!

  2. MOL!! We think it's time our mom went shopping for toys under our fridge, dishwasher and stove. It's seriously like Christmas all over again!

  3. What a treasure chest under that fridge! It's like Narnia for you lovely cat of nine tales cats!



    Take care

  4. Wow! That was a lot hiding under there. Our mum uses a bamboo cane for fishing things out. She used to use dad's snooker cue until he kept complaining about it.

  5. Wow! It's the best when you find a favorite toy that's been missing for awhile!! Good job!

  6. Wow, great toy rescue/treasure hunt! We're impressed with the number of toys under there; most of ours end up under the couch. The funniest thing is to watch our human with her wide butt up in the air, fishing them all out. Heh heh heh. Sometimes, as soon as she fishes them out, we'll bat them under again, just to watch her do it all over. *Evil laugh*

  7. Great job! Excellent place to "Shop" for toys. I did see the sweet paw poking though the gate.

  8. Oh my Cod, I am sure this very scene is played out in every CB'ers home on a regular basis when toys run low. I used to have a kitty that would wait in front to my stove and hop in the drawer below the oven to get under the stove so he could retrieve "lost" toys...he was so smart! He now lives with a friend in California and she says his favorite toy are those little tinsel puff balls...I am not sure she has a stove with a pot and pan wonder where he waits now?

  9. Love Owen's paw in the picture=cute!...Mom must dig toys out from under the fridge every week!!...Also, from under the couches, beds and a hallway bench regularly!!...We always tell her we don't do it, they must end up there because they are running for cover!MOL...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. Our toys hide under the stove and its mucho funo to get them all out!

  11. We hide our toys all ofur the telling where Momma might find them!

    Good haul guys!

    purry purrs

  12. We LOVE this post! Our Moms are going to pull the stove out tomorrow to clean under it, and we can hardly wait to see what they find underneath! xoxo

  13. whoaaa!! that's really a treasure!

  14. What a great post!! Such exciting times!!! We just went through a similar activity here as the PM was scouring the house for lost lego pieces. The wee ones and the cats were very happy to see their toys resurface!

    So cute!!

  15. We find our lost treasures under the bureau in the bedroom! Good finds!

  16. wow what a treasure chest hiding under there. my kitties found their toys one time behind a huge dresser. I had no idea how they got there.

  17. Yup, it's totally amazing what can be found under the frig!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  18. hahahaa, great post and nudge about toy hunting - I'm off with the boys to clear out under the sofa in the conservatory (dread the fluff part, though). Helen, Darcy and Bing

  19. Oh my gosh! That's a lot of toys! How did they even fit under there?!

  20. Wow what a find! Our couch is the same way - I pulled like 20 popmpoms out the other day - and I know there is more there.

  21. WOW!I guess thats one way to keep the new fresh, new and exciting!

  22. So true! Ours always used to knock their jingly balls *straight* under there....

  23. It's always a big celebration around here when mom gets ready to retrieve toys from under the appliances. You certainly got a nice haul!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  24. The Fridge is a great place ta find lost toys! We also get them back from unner the oven, unner the TV stand, and a few other special places. Every couple weeks, The Big Thing goes round wif the hooked stick he made and scoops them out. Like, we were down ta just 3 mousies yesseday an now we got 15!

  25. Great thinking...when in doubt, improvise!!!

  26. That refrigerator is a real treasure island. The house pirate must be so disappointed his riches are found.

  27. I am constantly hunting for Baby's mice under places too. That is so funny how much there was under the frig.

  28. WOW! You guys really hit the jackpot!

  29. MOL. It's like you guys found the winning ticket for the multi-state cat toy lottery! :)

  30. I have a whole pile under the couch!

  31. What a great post. We to find toys under things. I feel as though we have a baby with towels in front of so many things that balls like to get under. Our stove and refrig and sofa are just a few places. What a great find. ENJOY!!

  32. wow, Snafu really does have quite a story! he was so teeny and sick, and look at him now - big beautiful fluffy handsome mancat!

  33. So yoo found their secret stash? They'll hafat find a noo place to hide stuff now!


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