Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night Fights - The Big Boof Boys Battle of Champions

Welcome to Friday Night Fights!

The Big Boof Boys Battle of Champions!

The Zen Master (Yukon) vs Puff (Angus)

These two guys have won a bunch of battles to get to where they are now!
Tonight’s the night to see who will be the Friday Night Fights' Champion.

They begin their match with the traditional mutual grooming. Both lying on the mat.

This ends quickly, revealing The Zen Master’s intensity.

Puff is immediately locked into place by The Zen Master’s yogic energy and massive bulk.

A bitey is hardly necessary TZM! But at least Puff has been awakened by pain and forced into action.

Look at the intensity of that hold! Puff’s half hearted bunny kick will get him no where!

That’s it! Puff is up and walking off the mat.

He’s all done!

All The Zen Master can do is watch Puff walk away.

And now a word from our sponsor….

Wizard says, "I know lots of Woofies who have graduated from Petco's Dog Training School.
But I'm a cat and don't need training because I was born brilliant.
I still love Petco because I can get Greenies there and I love Greenies. They're nom, nom, good!"

And there you have it folks! The Champion of Friday Night Fights!
The Zen Master!

Talking to Co9T reporters later in the locker room, The Zen Master said that speed and patience were the keys to winning each match and ultimately the Championship.

He said his training involved long meditations along with massive daily doses of kibble.


When Co9T reporters asked Puff what happened, he said he zoned out, feeling One with the Universe and an inner sense of peace. When he came to, he said he remembers thinking, I don’t want to fight anymore, and so he got up and walked away.

Puff said he now plans to take the spring and summer off and look into going to a Retreat.

The Zen Master also said now that the fighting season is over, he plans to spend time with his girl before beginning the rigorous training schedule all over again.

And that is our season of Friday Night Fights!
We wish to thank everyone for making this possible, the fighters, the staff including DP who shared photography duties, our sponsors and especially you, our loyal fans!

We hope you’ll all be back for the next season of Friday Night Fights!

 ~Lisa Co9T


  1. WOW-So much action in your house! And everyone seems to still like each other after it's over. Love The Zen master--and love the commercial (creative kitties--should be in marketing, Tommy says)--and that last photo--priceless!! Thanks for bringing us ringside. :)

  2. Love this birds-eye view of the fight. Didn't look like much energy was put out by Puff.

  3. Congratulations to The Zen Master for winning the championship!

    Puff/Angus, good luck with the meditation and retreat. You should be proud to be following a path of peace and least for a little while. ;-)

    We're going to miss the Friday Night Fights, though.

  4. So now that the Zen Master has won the he going to Disneyland along with whoever wins the Super Bowl?

  5. Hi

    Awww I think they all just wanted hugs!



  6. Wow! That was quite a finale! At times. Puff looked like he was melding into that rug....

  7. Puff's heart just didn't seem to be in this match!!!!!!! Kudos to the Zen Master.

  8. What a fabulous ending to a great season of FightNights! WE HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE SEASON?!? WHAT??? Oh well...we'll go watch some repeats from time to time! Thanx for having us every week! Looking forward to next season!!!

  9. ha ha, great fight!
    Chester and CB were at it on our kitchen counter last night.
    I don't fight. I am a lover not a fighter.

  10. Very cool and somehow fitting that the fight season ends quite peacefully! I'm sure many of your fans, including me, will miss this Friday ritual, but I imagine it was quite time-consuming and expensive to film and record every week. Kudos to all involved! Even for the commercials.

  11. That was a great battle. Seems like the Zen Master pulled the old "Jedi Mind Trick" on Puff...

  12. That was truly a match of the big boys. Heavy, intense, a battle of power and skills. The Zen Master is a great champion.

  13. Darn it, we were rooting for Puff!

  14. Wow what a great final match! We can't wait for next season!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. We can't wait for next season! Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

  16. Yayy for TZM! He is a worthy champion.

  17. Yay for The Zen Master!! A true champion!!

    We've really enjoyed Friday Night Fights and we can't wait for next season!

  18. Aww, poor Puff. He really had heart, we thought he might take the round.

  19. Another great Friday night! As great as the fight was, I LOVED the word from the sponsor. ...especially the "born brilliant" part. I'm going to remember that. Yeah...born brilliant.

    Happy Super Bowl Weekend!
    (Glogirly's Super-Cat)

  20. I hope the season starts next week. I love this show!

  21. Bravo, bravo! The Zen Master triumphs!

    Puff, maybe some extra training will help you for next season.

  22. Wow, we though it would be Angus who won!

  23. That was fantastic. I hope there'll be more Friday Night Fights this year!

  24. So Zen Master is the champ!

    I nominated you all for the Sweet Friends award - come over to my blog for the details.

  25. LOL - Have been following FNF from afar and have had such fun..
    Looking forward to the next season!!
    TZM Rocks!

    Dawn in Scotland


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