Thursday, February 11, 2010


I can not imagine how some folks can get their kitties to wear clothes and then take pictures of them (Daisy comes to mind).

Here are some out-takes of us getting a shot of the Petco graduation cap from last Friday's blog.

We first tried it on Penny, but she was totally unhappy about it.

Sorry, Penny...

And then we thought maybe Owen...


How about Wizard?

Seemed like he could tolerate wearing the cap, but lighting is always an issue.

The cap is still on, but he's not looking at the camera (that's Snafu's tail in the background).

Yeah, so now he is looking at the camera, and trying to whap it too.

One more try to wriggle out of it...

The promise of a treat encourages him to give in to his predicament. Sourpuss!

And yes! We've got a good enough shot of his eyes and the logo on the cap (which is the point of sponsorship in the first place).

Viola! The edited version we used.
Here you can see the tassel off to the side...and not so much the hand holding him.

It's where the pet's go!   ~Lisa Co9T


  1. Wearing hats is very, very hard. Unless the hat has a chin strap. I actually like modeling because I get lots of treats. When I see the camera and the outfit, I run towards the camera! My Mommeh holds the treat up so I look interested. Harley is too wild to model for treats. My Mommeh usually uses the Cat Dancer to get his attention. He's so focused on the toy, he doesn't even realize he's wearing clothings!

  2. Gracie has never worn a hat! Mom says it is hard enough to get her to be still long enough to get a clear photo! She takes about a hundred shots to get just a few good ones.

  3. Brilliant!!!

    What a trouper Wizard is!!!

    Hope he got tons and tons of treats along with Penny and Snafu and all the rest of the gang. For being so cute and adorable.


    Take care

  4. Great "out-takes!" I cannot imagine any of mine tolerating something on them. Chumley, maybe--he was so easy-going. Possibly Derry...Nah, he's too squirmy. Wizard was very accommodating. Hope he got extra treats!

  5. These out takes make us appreciate the final shot even more.

  6. I'm with you total amazement at the animals who wear clothes. I guess you have to start out as kittens.
    Madi doesn't like anything on her other than maybe to be under the covers and that is her choice.
    Great pictures and kudos to the photographer and the handler.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Love the outtakes!! Too cute. So funny to see your hand in every photo.

  8. Those were great, my hat is off to you!

  9. Daisy is right, wearing hats is not easy! Those are great outtakes!

  10. Love the pictures! Especially the one of them on the bed...NOPE! Teeheehee! Daisy is a fashionista. Mom wishes we'd wear clothes...then again, she's a NUTBALL!

  11. Well, we know the feeling! We are very uncooperative when it comes to wearing hats or clothes. Even treats won't help! Wizard did a good job...sometimes you just gotta take what you can get too!

  12. What marvelous pics of Wizard and the hat!!!!!!!! He's our hero, cuz we're sure we wouldn't have tolerated it....mamabug has to paste hats on our pics to get hats on us!!!!!!! :) xxxxxxxxx

  13. That is a tough hat to wear...good work on getting the job done!

  14. That's good!
    I always throw away my hat!

    he he..

  15. Oh noes they are trying to gets you all to wears hats...runnn

  16. We don't like to wear clothes. We like to go au naturele!

  17. Oh Goodie some tips from Daisy. But your pictures are terrific. They look like all of us when our silly Mom tries to put clothes on us. Guess it just takes tons of practice and a wonderful cat like Daisy who does it so well. But we did enjoy these pictures.

  18. We will not let our folks see these photos, lest they get ideas.

  19. Wizard looks very good in the last photo. We won't wear anything. If she tries to put anything on us, we fight like crazycats to get it off.

  20. Finally the truth is out, a great making of.

  21. What a riot! Yes, if you're going to put something on your kitty, it needs to be fastened on in some way -- especially hats because they can be easily shucked off.

    It also depends upon the personality of the cat. We have no problem putting clothes on Dante and he actually seems to like it. Domino will cooperate, but acts like she's crippled or something -- and Dylan will just run and hide for hours and hours, coming back only when he's managed to get the thing off.

    Great try on your part! I had to laugh at the failed attempts the most. Wizard actually has quite a lot of potential. You'll have to try a t-shirt on him next time or something.

  22. It is super hard to get things to stay on lol mum was laughing as she has had much the same trouble.. HUgs GJ xx

  23. Oh, eeeek! I hate it when my mom tries to stick things on my head, too!

  24. Hats are hard! Daisy knows. The ones that they tolerate the best have openings for ears and don't hinder them from seeing. These outtakes made us smile, though and that is worth sumthin!


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