Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Award and Reward

Cat of Nine Tales is honored to have been the recipient of awards from blogging pals new and old!

Most recently we received The Hello Award, first by Jacquelines Cat House back on February 19th, but we must have been lost in space because we missed it. Thanks for reminding me, Jacqueline! Then just on Friday, Nolls Nip gave us the award, too. Thank you so very much, you guys (that's Northern talk for ya'll)!! We're happy to meet you and become new blogging friends!

The rules say to pass this award on to two blogs we've never visited before. I thought that would be fun and so I went straight to the Cat Blogosphere website for a perusal of the Mr. Linky list. We quickly found this wonderful blog new to us:

Tristan and Crikey at the Beach. Tristan is a Senior Dilute Torbie girl and Crikey is a silver and white Tuxie who is one big Mancat! Although not new to a lot of my blogging friends, I found not only some wonderful blog entries, but I learned they are also Charter Members of the Naughty Kitty Club. We’re everywhere!

My next new blog is Four Crazy Cats with Devon, Tanner and Smokey, along with memories of MoJo. A woman who goes by the name SuziQCat has visited and commented on Cat of Nine Tales blog several times and I thought it was high time I went over for a visit. My hat is off to any wondeful human who chooses to foster kitties (and doggies). We used to enjoy the rewarding life as foster parents, but our household overfloweth with 12 right now and the help (that would be me) had to finally go out and get a real job. SuziQCat has some great tales to tell of her own clan as well as her latest fosters.

If you haven't already, check these bloggers out!

We were also blessed to receive another award on Friday from Monty Graycat who gave us The Sunshine Award! Thank you so much!! I just love the colors!

While this award requests that you pass it along to 12 other blogs that give sunshine to your day, Cat of Nine Tales loves all our blogging friends and all of you give us sunshine everyday! And you know how we (like Snafu) break the rules often, so we'll pass this award along to 3 of our Sunshiney blog friends, and they are:

Shine on friends!

And now your reward...........................

Two Cat Tuesday - Kittens!

Owen and Snafu didn't used to be the most photographed duo in the house; before them it was Yukon and Angus.

These were taken before I found the camera setting to freeze the action.

They were always The Boof Boys.

Remember them in their Friday Night Fight Championship bout?

Thanks for stopping by~Lisa Co9T


  1. Good awardies and ya were great choices for them!

  2. The Boof Boys! What an awesome moniker! Mom still has not figured out freeze frame. ::sigh::

  3. Cute little boof boys!

    It's always nice to meet new furriends.

  4. Congrats on the awards and what a great picture on the freeze setting!!
    Sometimes 'accidents' make good pictures.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Congratulations on your award!

    We like the name The Boof Boys.

  6. Congratulations on your terrific awards!

    Our human wants to know what this setting is that freezes action--she has to check to see if her point-and-shoot camera has it (Canon Powershot S3 IS) or if it's something only DSLRs have.

  7. Boof Boys...MOL Cute photos of them as kittens.

    Congratulations on your awards! :D

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. Congrats on all your awards. Well done and it looks like you really deserved them. And those pictures of the kittens are so very cute. We really like your blog.

  9. Boof boys...hehe. Cuties!

  10. wowee, thanks for the Sunshine Award! it is so nice to be thought of, even though i have not been around in a little while.

  11. Congratulations on your awards=we really enjoy your blog, especially Snafu's adventures!!MOL...You have so many great kitties; love the Boof Boys!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Thanks for the award and for reading our blog. We haven't fostered at our house in a few years now, but it was a great experience when we did.

    Great pics of the Boof Boys!

  13. ConCats on ALL of your awards! WOW!!! And The Boof Boys...MOL!!!

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  15. My goodness, a tiny Yukon pic!

    Congrats on your awards - those look like nice new blogs you have found to visit.

  16. Congrats on the very nice awards...and I love that pic!

  17. Congrats on the cool awards! And those are great pictures too!

  18. Can't start to young with training for the Friday Night Fights.

  19. Congrats on the awards. We LOVE the pictures. They are so adorable! xoxo

  20. Congrats on the awards. You deserve them. Nine cats. Wow! I got 5 and that is a hand full.
    Great picture too on the freeze frame. I just got new camera. I need to see if I have that feature too.

    Paws & Whiskers
    Jude,Poo,Babybella,Piper & Marley

  21. Concats on your awards. Our mum calls us her boofy boys as in boofuls (beautifuls)

  22. Concats on the Awards!

    Oh the boof boys are pawsome!

    purr on

  23. Great Awards!!


    Awww the pics of the Boof Boys are so cute!

    Take care

  24. Congrats on your awards!! We love Tristan and Crikey and the Four Crazy Cats!!

  25. Ah, a teeny Angus and teenier Yukon! How sweet! I can just imagine their "Boof Boys" name came from the sound they make wrestling around with each other. Am I right? A kitty's body sort of makes a sound like "boof" when it falls on its side.

    And thank you so much for the Sunshine Award. This is one that I didn't have before. I appreciate you thinking of us.

  26. Concatulations on your awards! The boof boys sure are cute!

  27. Hi! We're very happy to meet you, furriends! Thank you so much for visiting us and for giving us the chance to make new blog buddies:) We're gonna look around and find two new blogs that we've never visited, and then we'll post about them (and you)!

  28. Hello!!
    I've just started writing a cat blog in weird English from Tokyo.(sorry about my furrnnyyy English)
    I was so excited when I found your blog and saw many other cool,interesting,cute cat blogs.
    It takes me a loooong time to read English blogs but I'm sure I will enjoy!!
    Thank you!!!
    Congratulartions on your wonderful awards!!

  29. Congrats on the awrds.

    We love the name: The Boof Boys!


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