Monday, May 2, 2011


It works...

The herbal tincture we're now giving Snafu daily seems to be working for the most part. The day after I took this picture, he peed on the same spot. But it was likely my fault because I did not pick up his bed (to keep only his scent on it) like I should have. 

I saw BJ sitting on the bed earlier in the morning and I did think to spray the bed with catnip spray, but I guess that only works if no one else's scent is on it. I should have sprayed it with Zero which eliminates odors. 

Kari asked if Penny was his trigger - yes, but she is only one of his triggers. BJ and Angus are also antagonists and we try to keep up with all of them.

At least I have a level of hope for him now, but watching him back up and shake his tail at something can be discouraging. I just can't let anything go.


  1. Purrs and hugs to sweet Snafu! Glad to hear the herbal tincture is helping! Take care

  2. We're really glad this seems to be working and are crossing our paws, sending purrs!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. Hoping for you that the herbal tincture really does do the trick. Kitties have such sensitive senses of smell, it must be hard to overcome the smell of other cats on his "things" as well as to rid places of his prior peeing, which we would think could trigger further peeing in the same spot. Even though I am 99% good, once Rusty and I peed on a bathmat. In spite of multiple washings, Mom can never ever leave that bathmat on the floor. Whether it is the mat, or the spot, they are not sure, but I will always mark it now.

  4. Fingers and paws crossed it does the trick

  5. Paws crossed that it's helping! Mommy is following this with interest as two of us are big stress sprayers.

  6. Come on Snafu, you can do this...or not do this, as the case may be!

  7. Praise and thanks! We were begining to despair! We want so much for Snafu to feel comfortable and relaxed in his home. We'll continue our prayers for him. Your news has been a ray of sunshine in a less than happy morning. God bless all.

  8. I'm so glad you are finding that it is working.

    I had a random thought and I thought I would share. When Em was having her end of life issues, I wanted her to have access to food unencumbered by the rest of the crew, so I bought a keyed cat door and gave Em the key. I put the door in the door to the bathroom, and this worked great until the rest of the cats realized there was food in this room, and that Em was very slow so if they went nose to tail they could get in with her. I'm sure Snafu wouldn't have that issue (not being an old slow log like kitty) and maybe having his own room might make him feel mighty special.

    Just a thought.. I tend to share those random thoughts that come into my head, I hope you don't mind.

  9. We're glad it seems to be working! Our behavorist says you got to take everything in baby steps, little victories...let's hope this the is the first of many!


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