Friday, May 13, 2011

Snafu on the Offensive - redo

[This post is a "redo" because the original was a casualty of the Big Bad Blogger Day]

Since I wrote the original post off the cuff, which I don't do very often, I won't be able to reconstruct all the text.

I think I pointed out the following things about Snafu:

- Snafu is not always cuddly and sweet and here is the video to prove it. Although he is just teasing, it can turn ugly real fast.
- He seems to be improving a little bit on the homeopathic herbal remedy, but he still sprays.
- We want to remove all our carpets and install vinyl, linoleum or tile when we have money.
- We still love Snafu and live in his world...

The original post prompted wonderfully heartfelt comments from supporters that I still have in email form and will always cherish. I'm at least glad of the opportunity to thank you for them.

In presenting the video I'll explain that Snafu gets into a mood and looks for trouble. This time he found Penny sleeping soundly. This is why he has bells on. Sometimes the only way to stop him is with the water bottle and sometimes I can soak him, but he won't be deterred.

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Well, it is good to do the redo - the original is there too in case you missed it (no comments though - wonder if you could try reapproving in email) and the good thing about this post is that you reminded me that I have all the comments that are missing in my email - my bigger concern was the comments, not the posts, because they are always so wonderful.

    And well, I can't remember what I said yesterday but I know I said that the carpet removal is a good idea and we did the same thing at our house - and that I understand about having to wait because we did too, but in the end it was very worth it. And we are glad he is improving - we just wish it would help with his spraying for you - but stil, improvement is a good thing.

  2. That's good news : ) Snafu has been improved ! And I really like the video , Not just see Snafu play but the woofie is in the jail...heh..heh

    About Blog, I did repost too ! But the sad thing is lots of my comments has been removed and I didn't even get a change to read it : (
    I hope it's not happen again EVER !

    Have a lovely weekend coming

  3. It's great to hear that Snafu is doing better. We really enjoyed that video. :)

  4. I lost my post too but will redo another day. Our vet is trying a homeopathic remedy on our Al that is related to his rabies vaccination. He was fine until his rabies shot and then he became aggressive - this does happen. So far so good!!! Good luck with Snafu!

    Thank you for your concern and purrs for Chica.

  5. Take a trip over to Home Depot and look at the tile that looks like wood. I have tile already in most areas but saw this in a showroom and loved the rich, warm look. (Darker cherry.). This is not the kind that comes on squares but in longer, plank like, oblong pieces. (it is porcelain tile).

  6. With all the lost comments, we are glad ours go to our email!

  7. Behavior issues in cats ARE frustrating. I have alway had one cat in the house who sprays and none of them were dominant, so I thought maybe the submissive ones were trying to be dominant by spraying.

    My first 'marker' was about 3 when he started and it was after I stopped showing him and I assumed it was because he wasn't getting as much one-on-one time with me. At that time I had 5 cats in an 850 sq ft bungalow.

    My 2nd one was/is Disco. He didn't start spraying until my husband died and again, I thought it might be because of less one-on-one time. He was so bad he was peeing on items left on the counters and tables like mail and coats, and going in the tubs and sinks.

    I got all open litterboxes, used unscented litter and feliway plugins on every floor (up to 11 cats and 2200 sq ft).

    He is much better on Paxil (tried buspirone, fluoxetine and clomipramine first) and now only sprays occasionally on things that I bring in from outside like grocery bags and suitcases.


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