Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful to be Totally Grain Free

We are very excited to be totally grain free now. If we had lots of money or less cats, I'd love to feed raw, but grain free seems to be the most practical and most healthy we can do for our guys.

We only feed them a wet meal in the evening. This picture shows a breakfast meal of (Taste of the Wild) kibble which is at 4:30 or 5:00 AM depending on when I get up...which depends on how much four legged walking I can handle on top of me!

The wet cat food of choice that everyone seems to love is BFF or Best Feline Friends. They all love four or five of the flavors they offer. My biggest fear was that finicky kitties wouldn't eat a particular flavor and others would get extra because of it, defeating our attempt at controlled portions. 

Yukon and Owen have both lost ounces and everyone's coat has glossed up nicely. Another benefit is the older kitties, BJ, Wizard and Nick seem to have a lot more energy and everyone is more playful!

Thank goodness they've taken to BFF!  

P.S. If you're wondering where Snafu is in the picture...he is in his room at this hour of the morning (he is still free fed and has kibble available to him all the time), but gets the wet food meal with everyone in the evening.

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Well fed cats. Good choice in dry and wet. Mine eat both, too and they are on Performatrin dry and Holistic Select moist (with added pumpkin for fibre and spirulina powder for their immune system. They are 9, 15, 18, 22 & 24 so I'd say they are doing ok.

  2. We're grain-free too!! Ever since that mass recall a few years back which involved tainted grains, our mom said "no more grains!" Besides, it really is better for us!!

    We've had the BFF and we like it too! But we like a lot of other brands too so we get lots of variety.

  3. Just wanted to throw it out there that I did the math when I started making raw, and for me it was cheaper then all but the cheapest of commercial food. Yes the investment to get started (the grinder and the supplements) is a bit of money, but factored over the amount of time you are going to use it, it really is worth it.

    But grinding up chicken bone isn't for everyone. Sounds like your crew is doing great - which is what is really important.

  4. These are a bunch of healthy cats! Love your photos!

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  5. My kitties eat Taste of the Wild too! I have tried some of the other grain frees but the cats didn't care for them. I leave dry food down at all times because my kids like to graze. Of course, I ruin the whole deal because ,for dinner ,they eat the Fancy Feast flavour of their choice. They just don't like most any other wet food. So, for now, it's FF. Happy ,healthy day!

  6. I am glad that it worked out well and that you have happy kities. They all look well and happy eating there. Hugs GJ x

  7. That is great that you were able to get everyone over to grain free. We are grain free for our dry food (Taste of the Wild is one of their favorites) but they all hate the canned grain free (which just doesn't make any sense to me). BUt we haven't ever tried the BFF brand (never heard of it - will have to look) so maybe we will try again with that! (I was just reading some of the comments and our cats are pretty much exactly like Kari's - healthy crunchies, Fancy Feast wet)

  8. It's great to see so many well behaved cats!

  9. I think we need to investigate this... tuna isn't a grain is it?

  10. Wow !!! You got up so early !
    My mom got up 5.30 am. I think That's already early but you won !!!
    Real cat woman : )
    And Beakfast on the human table, That's cool : )

  11. We are amazed all you guys eat so close together AND up on a table! We 3 settled on Evo Chicken&Turkey and Soulistic Chicken as our stinky goodness which we get 3 times a day. We get Eukanuba Chicken kibble too, but that is really just as treats.

  12. Oh your feeding time looks just like feeding time at my house! Its great to see so many cats eating together they look very happy.


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