Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Night Fights - Yellow Boy vs Puff

Welcome to Friday Night Fights!
Yellow Boy (Owen) vs Puff (Angus)

Our opponents begin by sizing each other up. Puff takes a reclining position to show he has no fear.

Yellow Boy makes a rude gesture by sitting boldly in front of Puff, staring with ears pulled back in aggression. Oh my, how dare he?

Well! Puff expresses his insult with a raised paw while Yellow Boy, holds his ground.

Unexpectedly, Puff rolls to the side and picks up what looks like a cat nip pouch. Is he going in for a little dip? Yellow Boy is aghast! (Meanwhile the referee, BJ, arrives late to the match and misses the whole thing).

What’s this!? Suddenly, Puff strikes back, taking Yellow Boy by surprise.

Oh! Puff is up and Yellow Boy is down. What a fast and furious take down! That's it

...and Yellow Boy is left holding the bag (or pouch)! No thanks to the referee...

And now a word from our sponsor…

Wizard says, “Hannaford Brand Cheese Crackers are cheesy good and almost like the real thing! Buy some today! They’re nom, nom good!”

Later in the locker room, Puff told reporters that the rumors of Nipping were totally false and that he regularly submits clean blood tests.

You heard it here and you saw it here, folks. Puff is the clean winner…and so that ends another Friday Night Fights!
Thanks for coming and please come back again for another Friday Night Fights!
~Lisa Co9T


  1. We loved the *nip pouch fake out*. That's what turned the tables in this fight! Wow!

  2. I bet before too long one of the sports channels on the talking moving picture box will start showing the Friday Nite Fights!

  3. This made our morning.. Mum and I were laughing out loud.. Thanks GJ xxx

  4. That was a great match up!
    Maggie May loves cheese crackers!

  5. Wow, way to go, Puff. Great Friday night fight with terrific commentary.

  6. Hello dear friends!
    wow it's a great battle, or something like that! LOL
    Your blog is really beautiful with creative posts and cute pictures!
    Also I would like to say thanks a lot for so kind visit in my blog!
    Have a great weekend
    purrs and love

  7. Excellent bout. We were pulling for Puff in this one.

  8. What fun!!!!!!!!! Andy was cheering Puff on, as Andy feels that him and Puff have to be somehow related......and we agree, there is definitely a resemblance :) xxxxxxxx

  9. Not fair. We want a rematch. Those sucker punch tactics don't belong in a clean fight.

  10. OMC!!! You guys crack us up EVERY Furriday!!! We love the Friday SmackDowns! Mom especially LOLs at the Word from the Sponsors. We hope you all have a restful weekend!!!

  11. That was a good one, although I have to say that I would think the one that gets the nip bag is the real winner!

  12. Excellent tactics Puff!

    merry purrs

  13. Puff has learned about how to win by virtue of surprise! It is brainpower and not brawn that won that purrticular match.

    I think Owen was so startled that he just couldn't recover from there.

    Glad that it was a clean fight, and that nip wasn't a real factor.

  14. What a great fight, guys! It's a lot like a Friday night at our house - unless Jay or I start messing with Austin - he's the cranky old man - then the fight is over before it started!

    You guys look like you were having fun, though!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay :)

  15. Haha! Great fight this week! Puff sure is sneaky!!

  16. That was a great fight. It looked like the nip did help though.

  17. Nothing like a good cat smackdown!

  18. Great fight and play-by-play. Thanks for coming by to visit us!

  19. We LOVE your Friday Night Fights. Glogirly wishes she could "hear" the match ups! I told her I'm happy to interpret the photos and give them my best growls and hisses. She just rolls her eyes.

    I'm relieved to hear the doping accusations are completely false. We don't want nip getting a bad rap.

    (Glogirly's cat)


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