Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award


We wish to thank our special friend Fin at Housecat Confidential who awarded us with the Kreativ Blogger Award last Sunday. Thank you!

Along with this groovy picture I get to paste on my blog for all eternity, I am supposed to tell you something you didn’t know about any of our kitties. This was particularly hard because I did want to use as many pictures as I could, though not all things have pictures. I chose two cats (even though I think I was supposed to pick three). The lucky kitties are Owen and Penny.

So here goes:

Owen likes to watch TV...when it isn't on. Every once in a while, something on the shiny surface captures his attention and he sits in front of it and watches. He doesn't paw at it or anything, just sits...watching. It's kind of creepy.

Despite how well Owen gets along with all the cats in the house, he decidedly picks on BJ. He'll chase him into a corner and attack him if he can. I just can't understand why such a sweet boy can be so mean to BJ. I also can't understand why BJ runs from him.

Owen does not like canned food. When everyone gets a tablespoon treat of canned food, he just waits for everyone to be done (see him in the middle of the living room floor). I do spoon him out a portion and he sniffs it, but then he just walks away. In this picture, Penny (on the right) has his treat as extra (because she is special).

In the morning, Owen waits at the bedroom door with Angus and is usually the second one in when I open it. Running in and jumping onto the bed with a chirp (Angus just follows me into the bathroom), he starts kneading immediately. In this video I'm testing out whether he knows his name.

Owen is not quick to respond to his name when called. It's a kitty thing, I know, but when we call any other cat, Owen comes running over to us chirping. I guess that's an Owen thing.

Owen does not like to be alone. When he is taking a nap and wakes up to discover all the kitties around him have gone off to different rooms, he starts meowing and meowing as he gets up and comes running into the next room in search of someone, kitty or human. When he finds one, he'll do his free-fall right up against them in expectation of some lapping (or petting) attention.

Owen loves to be brushed, but he also loves to be petted backwards. You can scratch and rub all his fur the wrong way and he just loves it! Purring the whole time.


Though I haven't been able to get a picture of it, the roof of Penny's mouth is black. It scared me the first time I saw it, but I realized, after putting Penny through a few moments of discomfort, that it was just a big round patch of black colored flesh. I always try to take another peek at it whenever she yawns.

I know I've mentioned it before so it isn't new, but Penny is our Twisty-Girl! This newest twist picture just had to be included here.

Penny can be quite silly with a ball and a few minutes of no boys around. I have about 20 pictures of her with this, but I think this one shows my point best.

Penny couldn't care less about milk or much for cheese, but she is a part of a newly formed group we call "The Tuna Club." The juice from a can of tuna is poured into the bowls, much like milk and shared with this group. She is a regular member and it's funny to see her nose sniffing and wavering in the air when we are working on a can. Yup, Owen's a member too. You can read more about another one of their clubs called the Moo Club here.

Okay, I'm not sure if this is kosher, but Penny is my favorite. I can't help it. There is just an extra something special about her and I admittedly give in to just about anything she wants. She doesn't ask for much so it's quite easy. She IS the only girl and she WAS our first kitty together. She loves to sleep with me all night...what else can I say? I dearly love every one of our kitties, but Penny is special (DP’s favorite is Snafu).

Snafu and Penny do not get along. Penny does not like him one indicated in Tuesday's post where there is the picture of her giving him a good whap. She never runs from his intimidation tactics and he always hisses at her boldness towards him. I have even noticed what I believe to be Penny protecting Angus. It is something to see and DP and I go back and forth deciding how far to let Penny go in her “disciplining” of Snafu.

Penny has been immortalized in bone. A good friend of ours is an artist (and the "dog whisperer of Maine") and created this scrimshaw piece in Penny's likeness. I think it is just awesome and wear it when I can. Sorry the picture is so poor, but I had a real hard time capturing it clearly.

That's it! You can read more about Penny here and more about Owen here.

So now I must pass this Kreativ Award on to other blogging kitties and here they are:
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Congratulations to them and here are the rules they must follow:

1. Copy and paste the Kreativ Blogger picture onto your blog.
2. Thank the kitty who gave you the award and post a link to their blog.
3. Write 7 things about you we do not know.
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award.
5. Link to those 7 other bloggers.
6. Notify your award winning bloggers.
As you may be able to tell, I broke the rules so do what you will as you are all so very kreativ and deserving!

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Awww, thanx for passing the award along to us. Wwill DEFENITELY make sure that mom does it tomorrow for our newest little sisfur, Cricket! Man, is she a bundle of hyper activity! WOW! Love the "speed~knead". Owen sure covered all spots of the blankie. And twisty Penny is furry adorable. Well, ALL of you are! Thanx again!

  2. Wow, some interesting thigs about you all. Congratulations on your award!

  3. Wow, I always learn so much about my friends from these. Owen sure does make a lot of biscuits, I guess he's got to help feed all the cats! ^_^

  4. Wow, you certainly know each one of your kitties intimately! You are so observant of them. I mean we all know our kitties' personalities, but you go beyond that.

    Congrats on the award, and you truly deserve it. You came in as a novice blogger and were a pro from the start.

    Owen is a hoot. I love him watching the blank screen. Penny is a real darling. I always think that ladycats rule the roost, and she certainly fits my theory. She's gorgeous, too, but then so is each one of your kitties in their own way. I've always had a soft spot for calico's, too. I had a calico girl once many years ago.

  5. Loved getting to know Owen and Penny...and such pawsome photos. Concats on your award. xxxxxxx

  6. My Mom is all gaga over Penny too. She is planning on adopting a calico sister for us eventually.

  7. Congratulations on the award. We loved reading all the stories about Owen and Penny. (Owen is our secret favorite)

  8. Hi Lisa!
    Congratulations on your award!!! It was so fun to read more about your kitties and how individual they are. I totally understand that Penny is your favorite... she IS a girl afterall. Us girlcats have got it goin' on!!!

    My absolute FAVORITE photo is with the 5 kitties all lined up in a row. SO FUNNY!!!! I'm thinking this must be a meeting of the Tuna Club.

    (Glogirly's cat)

  9. Congratulations! But wow, nine cats! I can't even manage the vet bills for my three. LOL. You have a beautiful fur family; I'm looking forward to following their escapades. :-)

  10. We just loved the video of Owen making bisquits and adorable. We just chuckled when we saw all the kitties lined up in a row! Great shot. We enjoyed learning more about both Penny and Owen.


  11. We like the picture of all those kitties all lined up on the cooker. Those were interesting things to learn about Owen and Penny.

  12. That was awesome. I'm a big fan of Penny's Girl Power too!

  13. Owen is sure a pro in the biskit-making! Way to go Owen! And mom is in love with Penny! She is totally obsessed with calico kitties. We loved all the pictures!

  14. Congratulations on your award. I loved reading all about Owen and Penny. I love the picture of all the cats lined up.

  15. Concat's on the award and I am honored that you thought of me!
    ps - great post!


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